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At 11:57am on August 1, 2010, Lexi said…
Hi Lori, We are practically neighbors...I am in Wesley Chapel...nice to meet you. I have diffused female pattern hair loss...no picnic right?? How's your hair situation these days?? Do you wear wigs and if so what kind, where do you get, etc...the usual questions ...
At 11:02pm on April 19, 2010, KATHLEEN B. said…
Hi Lori, Im also a firm believer that iron levels and increasing our natural immune system will help out with hair growth( easier said then done tho).I also take very large amount of vitamins and suppliments to increase levels. The program or treatment that I am currently doing is called ""Quantum Biofeedback" which is a state of the art biofeedback system that based on over 25 solid years of research and was developed by a former NASA scientist.The Quantum Biofeedback works by measuring minute electromagnetic signals of our bodies down to the cellular level. In essence, it basically reduces stress and stressors in our bodies like toxins and pathogens which can therefore remove energy blockages and boost immune function. Simply by freeing up these energy blockages and boosting immune function, you unleash the body’s natural power to heal itself.You get feedback on over 9300 items after a 3 minute non-invasive test – anything from vitamins, minerals, hormones, toxicity, sensitivities, pathogens, and much more.....It sounds weird i know, but trust me. it has worked wonders for my stress levels. I went from an emotional trainwreck/ nightmare/ crying everyday and feeling ugly. To feeling back to normal any my outgoing self. Once they scan you they recommend certain vitamins that help. Its worth a "google search" for sure. Hope that helps.. I try also to do green juices to build the immune system. I gave up coffee 3 months ago, reduced sugar intake and am currently trying to give up gluten. There has been some buzz lately of the link between gluten and AA. Curious what you put in your smoothies??... Could use a new recipe..lol..
At 11:35pm on April 6, 2010, ashley mcmullen said…
hello lori i m soo glad im not the only one that feels this way i thought i was the only one i try talking to some of my friends about it and they dont understand why its soo upseting for me ive had a breakdown in front of one of my friends and they didnt understand why i freaked out so badly
At 10:27pm on March 28, 2010, ashley mcmullen said…
hello and we can talk anytime it would be very nice to talk to you.i added you so we can be friends i just have to figure out this site a little
At 9:23pm on June 29, 2009, MiNAH said…
would love to see more photos..that's what's so great, to see everyone..that way we get an idea of our friends and don't feel so alone.
At 11:45pm on June 24, 2009, Heather L said…

Hope you had a fabulous day!!

At 3:50am on June 24, 2009, Char said…
Happy Birthday!!!!
At 3:32pm on June 23, 2009, eva said…
hi lovie. i hope your shots are go okay today - i don't think they hurt so much as they are just uncomfortable. you'll have to let me know what you think of them. my hair seems to be better since i got the shots though - i see him again in early july to get another treatment. and what's this rosemary stuff you're talking about? does it just stimulate growth or what? and we definitely have Targets in Cali woman! anyhooter, let me know how it goes today!
At 6:43pm on June 18, 2009, Diana said…
yes and I don;t live far from Northcliffe either, I have a derm but hes awful I went to a doc at Shands the best training/learning hospital ... they were just as useless... I go the Center of Dermatology on 19 right near Northcliffe opposite the outback there... but... I dont even get to see but the PA there and have been going there for years... I had to tell him I had areata - when I first had a few patches show up... when I informed him a few months later I had Universalis... he said that I was the first person here he knew with it in their practice and 1 person when he worked in tampa - so I wish I could share a good doctor... If you just have the areata... and its the first time you have had it - I dont know much about the laser, but I do know from experience that the cortisone shots worked - I feel for you - scared I know but just remember that this disease is not a life threatening one... and if its just areata you have options... if you want to meet sometime coffee - public place!!! - I would be happy to.... takecare, Diana
At 8:52am on June 18, 2009, Diana said…
Hi Lori... wow Hudson - I have yet to meet anyone with this.... how r u doing... do you have any family that has had this or any kind of other auto immune stuff? I had areata when I was 10... had the cortisone shots in my head and have never had a reoccurence in 30 years.... here I am at 40 now bald from head to toe.... would love to chat more :-) take care,
At 9:12pm on June 13, 2009, eva said…
what up woman!? i'm sorry to hear about your melt down. i freaking hate those, i know i could really do without em - they just freaking sneak up on you sometimes! how's it been lately lady???
At 4:08pm on June 12, 2009, Heather L said…
HI Lori,

That is frustrating the docs you have differing opinions!! From what you have said I tend to agree with the first doc - AA. I do not know that much about telogen effluvium- the only times I've heard of it was from a few friends after childbirth. I believe they had a few months of diffuse thinning- like for a period of almost a year and then it seems to level out. I have not heard of TE ever involving bald spots?

When the doc did the pull test- did he just pull around the bald spots or your entire head? Although- not sure that will solve the puzzle by itself b.c I get a ton of hair when I do that! And I know I have AA- for 5 years now.

Keep me posted!

Hope you have a great weekend!
At 5:10pm on June 10, 2009, eva said…
hey there lori. i think the shots are working fine. i mean i've only had one round of treatments, so we'll see... i did like three rounds back in October - December and my alopecia got way worse after i stopped, so that's why i'm going back to them. god, sometimes i'm just soooo over the fight and then other days, like today - i'm like whatever... so meh...

how you doing?
At 10:53pm on June 9, 2009, Heather L said…
Hello Lori!

Congrats on your new baby!! Oh -I love the age he or she is now- coming up on a year old is so fun!! Can't get into trouble too fast yet or talk back! ha ha!! How old are your other children?

Obviously there is not any one given answer for hair loss BUT you have been through two very stressful events! Both of which certainly could have kicked in the AA. First with giving birth- your hormones are so out of whack and it takes on average at least year for all that to level out. Curious- have you had any hormone testing done?

Surgery often causes diffuse hair loss- don't know if it could cause AA? But I do think any physical stress is a possible explanation. How are you feeling? Can I assume the surgery was for atrial fibrillation? Are you now taking any kind of anticoagulants or diuretics? Both can have side effects of hair loss!

How about sleep? Are you able to sleep through the night yet?

I'm sorry you have to now deal with this!! I'm sure you are exhausted with it all!! Per my doc. Statistics are in your favor- generally speaking the later the onset of AA the better the prognosis.

I've been to many specialists over the years. I've tried lots of different types of supplements, acupuncture, reiki, Chinese herbs, LLLT laser, LED light-- gosh I"m sure more- they are the only ones coming to mind at the moment. I've also had a ton of blood work to rule out any other correlating conditions and been allergy tested. I have had at least one long period of remission since this all started- don't know what in particular caused it or if it is just a fluke!

What has worked best for me thus far is steroid topical creams/foam. I have also had steroid injections over the years as well. Now just stick with the foam. And take a couple supplements that are for anti-inflammation. The steroids do not cure the condition- but for me they help keep the size of the spots smaller and do speed up the re-growth! How I wish they could keep new ones from coming!!!

What are you using?
At 9:03pm on June 8, 2009, LeslieAnn Butler said…
Hello and welcome, Lori!
How are you today?
At 8:54pm on June 8, 2009, Rachael said…
Hey Lori! Thanks for adding me! I just joined today!!! Ive been struggling with AA for 4 years now so i first spotted it..literally...when I was 20. Its been getting worse and worse just this past month. Ive been able to hide it up until now and people really have no shame in pointing spots out :( having a bad week but hopefully will regain some hope from this site! How long have you had AA?
At 1:17pm on June 7, 2009, eva said…
oh man lori, do i know how you're feeling - such a freaking emotional roller coaster this shit is. i definitely have bad weeks, but thankfully - after dealing with it for almost a year, i'm pretty good most the time. then again, i still have most of my hair and my spots are places where i can generally hide them - but it's been getting pretty bad the last couple months :( ahhh yes, life and it's curve balls. i hope this is as bad as it gets for you lori and that all your spots grow back!
At 12:35pm on June 7, 2009, Heather L said…

Wow. I'm very sorry to hear about your surgery in Dec. Is everything ok? Certainly seems logical to me that the AA could be the result of all that physical and emotional stress from that!

Yep- like you I try to tell myself everyday I look in the mirror at my spots that it could be worse-which is very true- but it doesn't really work. :)

I had a spot near the crown of my head that now thankfully is full of hair- and it is so funny b/c the hair is not long enough yet to lay backwards- down the back of my head. So it wants to stick straight up- I have a two inch long chunk of hair that stands up and waves at people. I plaster it down when I blow dry my hair- but it works it's way up. I can feel it moving when I move- it cracks me up. A co-worker last week noticed it and tugged at it laughing saying "oh there has got to be Justin(2 yr old nephew) story behind this- chewing gum maybe!" I just laughed and let her think she was on to something- saw no reason to go into explaining AA.

One of my best friends moved to FL- she is in Summerfield near Ocalla. Is that anywhere near you? Are you from FL? My dad has a place in near Ft. Myers - that is always a fun trip.

Hope you are having a great day!
At 11:14pm on June 6, 2009, eva said…
hey there gorgeous! welcome.
At 11:03am on June 6, 2009, Heather L said…
Hello Lori,


Thanks for the friendship invite! So how long have you had AA? I had my first spot about 18 years ago. It was small and went away- until about 5 years ago it all started again! Can't seem to get a break this time- one right after another! I've tried so many things and seen so many docs of the years- and still about the same place as I started. How about you- any treatments currently?

Congrats on your Engagement! How are the Wedding plans coming along?



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