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At 7:10pm on February 8, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Loving it!!!

At 1:11pm on February 8, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Hi Duke,

Today and tomorrow are are forecasted to be 70's!

Woo Hoo!!!


At 11:14pm on February 6, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Hi Duke,

Everybody is different in all ways. Dealing and coping with my alopecia is probably one of the most difficult obstacles I've had to face. I still have my moments...Probably always will.

Anyway, thank you for your chats and friendship as well.

Hope you are having a nice weekend.


At 8:06pm on January 13, 2016, JeffreySF said…

I've pretty much surrounded myself with fellow Alopecians since this started. It was my way of feeling normal. 

Mostly realizing I'm not the only one with this disease. That made the biggest difference for me.

I'm at a stage where I don't think something is really that different about me other than I just don't have hair.

At 10:18pm on January 11, 2016, JeffreySF said…

White hair not shite hair. Although it was shite!!! LOL

At 8:05pm on January 11, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Hi Duke,

I was completely hairless for awhile. still fairly hair free...

As my hair started falling out the shite hair I had stayed put as you can see in some of the photos.

I was using so much camouflage I didn't realize it until the fateful day of my first head shave. I was like wow thats a lot of patches!. The patches faded with time and then restarted. Most of the hair i grow on me head is white in color. including my face.

Like you said the toughest part of this is the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. I had mine tattooed by a local woman in San Francisco. Quite expensive but it was worth it for me. I needed some sort of expression...

At 11:37am on January 11, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Are you completely hairless or nearly? I never had a knack for shaving with a razor so I always use an electric shaver for the bits and bobs.

At 8:21pm on January 10, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Yes, I had a full head of chestnut brown hair up until 2007.

A friend of mine told me 20 some years ago he had a dream. We were the last 2 alive in our circle of friends and we were having a drink together. He told me that i still had all my hair. I'll hang on till the end to see if his dream comes true...

At 1:15pm on January 10, 2016, JeffreySF said…

HI Duke,

Sorry to hear you were ill over the Holidays with a cold. Yuck! Glad it's nearly over with.

As for as my alopecia goes, there is no history in my family. There is no history of any autoimmune diseases for that mater. You are correct in the heredity component of this autoimmunity.

I don't know if you have read my page here on AW or the various blogs or discussions I've written. It's worth a read to know more about me and my alopecia.

Chat more later,


At 4:01pm on January 9, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Happy belated Birthday Duke!

Mine started July 2007 with a small patch on the left side of my head. All went pretty quickly. 

I pretty much lost everything except the hair on my knees.


At 1:28pm on January 9, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Hi Duke,

How old are you and at what age was your onset with alopecia?

I was 43 when mine started and am 51 now.


At 10:37pm on January 8, 2016, JeffreySF said…

Hi Duke,

Thank you for corresponding and your kind words.

I wasn't sure if you were still an active participant on Alopecia World. 

I read a post you wrote to a good friend of mine named Matt. He does some volunteer work for NAAF.

Anyway, I'm glad you responded to my friend request. I'm happy to share this experience with you. The good as well as the not so good.

Happy New Year 2016!



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