Hello Fellow Alopecians!  There is so much info on ordering wigs, however not as much information about the condition of these wigs a few months or a year after they're ordered.  I've had cheap indian remy wigs last me two to three years, and some more expensive European hair wigs last less than a year.  I'm so curious to know how others' wigs are holding up at the one year mark ... would love to see photos and review of one year old wigs!  And please share name of manufacturer, where you ordered, and approx. price point. 

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Hi Andrea, if you post this question on the www.wigsupport.com forum you will get loads of replies.

Thanks for posting this - and the link :)

I can highly recommend https://dresslily.com particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

Hello Andrea

I'm advocate for Freedom Wigs as one of the many things I like about them is their durabiluty and longevity.  They can last a very long time if looked after well.  Please go to the Freedom Hair Facebook page:


Recently a Freedom wearer posted that she had been wearing her freedom wig for 8 years.  Yes, in that time she had repairs but it was still a beautiful wig that she continued to wear.  It's not just about longevity, it's about how a wig looks during that time, and with a Freedom Wig they can look stunning after many years.

My daughter has been wearing Freedom Wigs since she was 12 she is now 23 years old.  She has more than one Freedom Wig but the usual longevity and durability of her wigs when she was a teenager was 2 years of constant wear then a repair was usually required, then she would go on to wear her wig (in conjunction with another freedom wig for many year, 9 years for one). 

Obviously how long a wig last really is dependent on the wearer.  So in reality you are asking how long a piece of string is. :)  

This is a picture of my daughter in her teens wearing a Freedom Wig that at this time it was 4 years old.  This wig went on to last for another 4 years.  



Seriously?  That's a four year old wig?  No tangling?  That's fabulous Rosy!!


I'm telling you the truth about my experience with my daughters freedom wigs. If you look after these wigs they truly will look after you. :)


Honestly, I'm blown away ... stunning hair.  I am so glad I asked this question.  I've been chasing the 'perfect' wig for years, and know there are many nice wigs out there and we are always presented images of a brand new wig ... however rarely see the product as it wears over time.  I've been frustrated about how mine tangle and deteriorate after about six months ... one year max.  That photo above with a four year old wig is stunning ... and think answers my questions.  Thanks so much Rosy!  The difference is that Freedom hair uses virgin unprocessed hair then, right? 

However, you have to factor in the start price and thecost of maintenance otherwise there is an unfair comparison. The wig may have been 4 years old but how many times during that period was the cap repaired or hair replaced. I'm not having a dig at the freedom wig here because I'm quite sure that the quality of the hair is supurb. Nevertheless, the hair only remains unprocessed so long as you dont have to dye it and the available natural colours are very limited. I have a very wealthy friend who wears a "female toupee" style and pays an absolute fortune for them to be made and regularly repaired/serviced. The apparent longevity of the wig is therefore a little like "Triggers Broom" a UK sitcom street cleaner who  who boasted that he had used the same broom for 25 years. He had managed this by chamnging head and handle whenever they had worn out

If you pay $400 dollars for a wig and you dont have it maintained it will not last as long as a wig costing several thousand that goes back to the makers at regular intervals (at a cost). As Rose Marie has also said, a lot will depend on how you tread the wig and whether you style it using heated tools. I regularly use straightening irons and I would blame this for much of the deterioration in the hair

There are also ways to deep condition wigs though  using silicone and/or hair masks and heating in briefly the microwave  that  will go a long way towards resoring hair that has become damaged.

That wig looks great though Rose Marie

Thanks Sue!  Great info, definitely lots to consider.  So quick question for you regarding the hair type you order ... is it always processed hair you order or can one order virgin unprocessed hair through the vendor you deal with?  And, another question regarding the deep conditioning ... what would you say are some good products using silicone that will restore the hair?  (I am wearing European processed hair which is on a great cap.  Beautiful hair at the start, started tangling about six months after purchase.  Was really expecting to get a few years out of it for the price I paid.  Any suggestions would be helpful :)  Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions!

I always order coloured hair, although it's classed as virgin Eurpoean hair (presumably because it's dyed to order). It is possible to buy uncoloured virgin hair from them but  will be brown. I actually don't like the hair when it first arrives as its poker straight and difficult to style. The first thing that I do is wash it, before taking it to my hairdresser

Have you tried coating the damp hair with a spritz of silicone and then a hair mask,  before putting the wig into a sealed plastic bag in the microwave for 30 seconds a side, rinse and then air dry. I picked this up from a black hair site and it really does seem to reduce the tangles dramatically.

Hi Sue

I understand there is real trepidation around this type of thing.  With this freedom wig my daughter wore it continually for two years, then had a restoration/repair done on it.  After the repair she wore it consistently for another 4 years (really she has just put it aside this year) as she got another dark wig which filled the spot.   In the latter 4 years she did wear it in conjunction with other wigs....but this one was always a bit of a fav.  

If you look after a Freedom Wig the maintenance is not a continual nightmare...if you don't yep, you will have issues.  They don't last forever that is the truth but they are durable, easy and low maintenance.  

I understand that people do use heat styling (Straightening and curling) and yes this will impact on the lifetime of hair, but again if you start of with beautiful hair and use the products to protect it during styling you really shouldn't have enormous issues(Again it depends on how careful you are).  I always feel with a wig you only have to style it once every week or so (depending on when you wash it).  The other thing with a Freedom Wig if you want straight hair they do their best to get straight hair...if you want curly hair they do their best to get curly hair.  

This is my daughter in her naturally curly wig (I think this wig was a couple months old in this piccie).

Recently I styled my daughters latest dark straight 'long' Freedom Wig, which has replaced the one pictured in my other post. This hair is usually not as curly...really very straight

I'll pop the piccies up (This wig is  6 months old in this piccie). Please note the flash on my camera has also made it look a little lighter than it does in real life.  The bottom picture really shows its true colour.

 This hairpiece is what I would call movement in the first picture I have curled it in the second it was just left to dry naturally. 


These are truly stunning photos (and you have a beautiful daughter!).  You are right, I don't think the other hair types compare.  They might look like this when first out of the box, but I don't think they would six months or a year or two down the road.  Very impressive, thanks for sharing!



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