My daughter was diagnosed with AA last year June. 
It started after a comb incident while I was not home(it got stuck in her hair). She & my husband tried to get it out but eventually he had to cut the stuck part n in the process pulled some hair.

Her pediatrician prescribed fluocinonide twice a day except on weekends. 
I was diligent in applying it to her. In September, after a routine hair cut, I noticed a couple of new spots.
Her doctor gave steroid shot for that in October. Doctor also suggested to continue fluocinonide. 
Meanwhile, I took her to a homeopath and she prescribed some medications. It seemed to come under control but I noticed a couple of new patches after the homeopath changed medicines and our daughter got Covid shots. I immediately let the doctor know but she didn’t care and didn’t answer my questions. 

So I switched to Ayurvedic medicine, it’s been just three weeks now and I still see new patches coming up. 
The medicine takes time to start working. It worked for me for a different auto immune disease when I was a child.

I’m also using onion juice & bhringraj oil twice a week on her. 

Did anyone try Ayurvedic medicine for alopecia? If yes, did it work? Also, my daughter is going through hormonal changes. Can this contribute to alopecia? 

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There are a number of things that can trigger alopecia. There also may be a genetic link to other auto immune diseases in your family. Alopecia is a wait and see condition. It can stop and start at anytime. It might be a good idea to contact the National Alopecia Areata foundation so that you may be ready to assist your daughter with understanding the condition or the school itself. Better to be proactive rather then reactive when it comes to the emotional needs of your daughter. Sending good thoughts your way.

My friend's adopted son was diagnosed with AA last year. He was not feeling well, so I suggested that she look for an agency that could help her son be in good health as soon as possible. She found Foster Plus agency, immediately agreed to terms and conditions, and asked how to become a foster parent. They offered her information about the existing programs, and It surprised me when she told me how fast he had recovered and that he was feeling much better. They also gave her financial support, which I find so incredible. He is doing great now.



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