hi everyone. i just turned 17, and i began losing my hair in april. it has been so hard on me.

i lost most of my hair, but i actually have some left. it's very noticable, and i lost my bottom eyelashes and eyebrows. i'm getting steroid shots in my eyebrows which are very painful, but i'm beginning to see results. as for treatment on my hair, i am getting dpcp on my head which is very itchy.

i am getting a real hair wig, but i know it's not gonna be the same. i am not getting bullied from this, but as strong as i seem, it is so hard on me.

is there any chance my hair will come back? i know theres more to me than my hair, but i would feel better if things were normal again.

i had mono in the winter--could this cause alopecia?

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Their is a chance your hair will come back, and i hope for the best for you! I get bullied also, almost everyday at school! I can totally relate to you and i'm just waiting for that miracle to come! Let me know if you need advice about the bullying, or anything else! i'm always here to help..
Keep smiling, and stay strong!

- Sanah :D
Hi Jess

This is a very challenging condition and sadly the reality is that nobody (not even doctors or specialists), know what is going to happen with your hair. You do have a chance that it will come back but nothing can be said for definate. I have a daughter who is 19 years old and has had alopecia for the last 7 years so I feel I might be able to understand some of your worries and upset.

You just hang in there being the great person you surely are, find alternatives that help you feel good about yourself, whether that be a hairpiece or whether you decide to wear nothing, you will always be you.

Take care

I had the shots, cortisone shots in scalp and hip, and prednisone pills in high school. When at college, I couldn't afford the treatment, and just had fun at parties. Guess what? At 22 it GREW BACK! I like to think maybe red, red wine had some effect, but I can't be sure. Maybe it was kissing...maybe it was believing in love again.
hey im 17 and have alopecia too. Its so hard but you will get through it. xxx
Yes, there is a chance it will come back! I lost all of my hair... everywhere. And then it grew back. I had a little relapse, but it seems to have all grown back. last year at this time, my hair was just starting to grow back and was really short all over my head...now, it is almost at my shoulders. Yes, even if you lose it all, there is still hope that it can grow back.
Hey Jess

I lost all of my hair and it has since all grown back in.Keep the faith it can come. Pray hard and stay strong.
read my last post!



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