I would like to go without my wig for Halloween this year, does anyone have any ideas for a good costume!? I don't want to be "Bald Britney" which is what I get when I search the Internet. :) If I were a man I could be Uncle Fester, Mr. Clean, etc. Maybe I could be Aunt Fester or Mrs. Clean. But I was wondering if anyone had any other really good ideas!

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GI Jane :)
Girl, I don't have the body for that! Hahaha!
No one says Charlie Brown has to be a boy!
A Beautiful bald Eyptian Godess, An alien with jewels all over and nice makeup, Or a warrior princess .
Let me know what you come up with it sounds fun.
I found this website:

I've done the Robin Tunney as Deb in Empire Records look - it worked well for me and was alot of fun.

I think Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta is also and excellent option :c)

And there was that stunning girl from Star Trek umm...Lieutenant Ilia (she was quite stunning)

Keep looking - you'll find something perfect :)
Oh! Cool website! Coneheads would be funny!! I'd like to TRY and be something that doesn't require explanation. Haha!
Be one of the coneheads. That is the first thing that came to mind. hope this helps
oops didnt realize someone suggested this
Have you decided what/who you're going to be?
We went to see a band called the hoosiers this evening and it was fancy dress .We all went as a vegetable.I went as a carrot.I did stand out and my friends said I would.I didn't know there was a song called run rabbit run .lots of people went as bugs bunny.I was fairly popular I can tell you!
All good things
here i am as Pharaoh last year.



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