I don't know if this is just me or what? I go through "spells," if you will, of alopecia areata when I have diffuse thinning which lead to my hair coming out in patches. I manage this by just identifying with the aggressor and keeping my head shaved. However, during these "spells," my reaction to environmental allegies becomes rather extreme. My eyes are always red, dry and sore and I have to use two types of eye drops to deal with this. I also become VERY sensitive to odors. Cooking smells drive me CRAZY and dry cleaning bills go through the roof as I just can't tolerate lingering food odors on my clothing. Pumping gas is a problem because the smell makes me a bit sick. This stuff always seems to coinside with my hairloss. Can anyone out there relate to this?

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I totally relate with this. My allergies and hair loss seem to increase at times my immune system is compromised from myself or my children being ill (husband NEVER gets sick), stressful times (which lower our immune system's ability to function appropriately) or when I am having a bout of kidney stones or migraines (both chronic). I think my migraines may be triggered by allergies. My eyes swell shut, my throat itches so badly it becomes raw, I develop hives, UGLY. My sensitivity to the foods I am alergic to increases. Crazy bodily responses to environmental stimuli. Right now I am experiencing a new allergy, it seems environmental but we can't identify a trigger. Hopefully it isn't silk head scarves (ha ha). Bless us all!

Bald Girls Rock,
I have bad hay fever which I'm sure doesn't help but only hinders the hair loss.



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