Hi everyone I have a quesstion, and I was wondering if anybody else has the same feeling? My daughters scalp is always warm or hot when I touch it. Her scalp is quick to sweat also. Anyone elso out there with the same symptoms or with a child with these symptom? I dont know if that has anything to do with her alopecia but its been on my mind and really makes me wonder.

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Funny you should mention this. I've noticed 'warm' spots which seem to be the next place the hair begins to fall out. The spots are sometimes tender to the touch too.
The tingling is where your immune system is actually attacking the hair follicles in that area. Have you noticed that in those areas you may or may not have individual hairs or the beginnings of peach fuzz or stubble? Alopecia not only is an autoimmune disorder, it is an inflammatory condition as well, and the areas where you are losing hair actively are generally the areas that tend to tingle the most. Just like any area on your body that is fighting an infection, the areas where your immune system are most active tend to be the areas that are warm or hot to the touch, kinda like a fever but not really.

Hope that helps!
Ah that makes sense. Yeah my bald spots are always warm to the touch as well.
Actually, last night I noticed that one of my larger bald spots was warmer than the rest of my head. I hadn't noticed before, but last night, I did. Strange!
Yes, my bald patches on my scalp when newly bald, feel quite hot when I touch them. I am not sure if this is due to extra sun exposure on the new bare skin, or the immune system going into overdrive in that area. I haven't noticed this extra heat on my face when I was losing my facial hair, just the scalp.



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