Hello! I was wondering how long it generally takes for the hair fall out once it starts. I know it will be different for everyone, but is there an average time once the patches start? Or, am I going to have clumps coming out forever until its all gone?

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Hi , mine was on again off again for 7 years, I have just lost all of it in the last 12 months, I have "completed the cylcle" in the last couple weeks, losing my eyelashes. I now have no hair on my body. You've got to take it one day at a time, you never know with this disorder what's in store. I try to look at the bright side, quicker showers, don't have to buy shampoo, no shaving!!!! Hang in there, I know what you are going through, and you aren't alone, believe me, I know that's how you feel.
My hair all fell out after my son was born. By the time he was 1 I was wearing a wig.

Mine took about a year, I was covering up blad spots thou like there was no tomorrow. If I didnt I would of started wearing a wig a lot earlier. I was in denial about the whole thing. But, from reading on here everyone is different. Some peoples hair grows back :) But, I have had none since it all fell out. no growth for me...

So, think positive.. It will all grow back :)

It took about 6 months to go to AU for me

hello rachel,
it took about 3-4 months for my son to go from having patches here and there to having nothing at all, including eyebrows and eyelashes , but they have since come back but his hair has not , it seemed like every morning he would wake up with less and less,goodluck my thoughts are with you
Hi Rachel,

My hair took about 5 months for 60% of it to fall out. After that I just shaved the lot off. I think it varies for everyone.

I felt much better though after I had shaved it off as I didn’t see all of the hair on my pillow each morning or coming our in my hands when I took a shower.

Good luck!!!!!!

mine took about a month to go AU...very fast!
Thanks for all of your responses. Mine seems to be progressing rather quickly...In the course of 1 week (since I noticed the first patch) it has spread all over the back and right side of my head. I hope I can be as strong as you guys have been. Thanks again!
Hi Rachel that is true it does not mean you will loose all your hair, I have been with alocecia since I was a child and It always gives me patches and the regrowth and so on, at this ponint I have not lost all my hair but I decided to use a wig and forget about the stress of the wind in my hair aside that its the worse cicle I have ever had, but I am hanging in there,, yes you need to be strong , and mostly never loose hope.. it will come back, just try to see what can be distubinf your life... try Yoga.. and calming tea.. It will help to control a bit the outoinmune system, and relax and focus on your self interior:-)

Hi Grace,

I am writing to you as my daughter who is 6 has had alopecia since she was 4 and a half, where she lost 60% of her hair...this took about 6 months after which she had a complete regrowth. Now after having a head full of hair for over 6 months, I have noticed 2 new patches..hair fall is more on some days and less on others...All in all it looks like thinning hair with just 2 patches...I know that this disorder is extremely unreliable and no two cases are the same...But could you please tell me how it was for you in detail...this is so important for me as my daughter looks to me for support and I dont know what to tell her...looking forward to your reply.



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