I am looking for advice, my 6 year old daughter has starting getting patches of alopecia over her head, her hair is getting fine. Has anyone else experienced this, I'm wondering if there is still a chance it won't all fall out! I myself have suffered with alopecia all my life and last 20 years totalis, I so don't want my daughter to go through what I have done, I'm finding it hard to cope with and plus she has a twin sister which I think will make it harder on her

Thank you


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Good morning, I sent you a friend request. I am the mother of a daughter with AU. I totally understand what you are going through as a mother. I do not have AA but my mother in law had a form of alopecia. The national alopecia aerate foundation is a good place to start with information regarding children. My daughter found comfort in wearing the best human hair wig possible designed for medical hair loss. I actually traveled to China and met with 6 factories over a period of two days and made a selection of one factory that I believe can provide my daughter with the best wigs at a fraction of the cost. There is a very big mark up on HH wigs and I knew that she would not be able to afford them at $5,000 and up. This is why I researched the industry for over a year and then traveled there. If I can be of any help write me or call me. My email address is georged5050@gmail.com   Lisa (ALOMOM)

Thank you so much for your reply, I'm so hoping she doesn't have to wear a wig but will see how she goes, we have noticed some patches have new hair growth and she is seeing a dermatologist this Friday not sure what they will do though x

Did you try ldn? There is a lady here (pterese) with a daughter that had really good results with it. Her daughter is also six, I think...

Sorry what is ldn? X

Low dose naltrexone, there's a lot of information here on the site and on the internet. Check out: www.ldnresearchtrust.com

LDN is helping my daughter.  Please join my group LDN USERS.  It is a non toxic drug with no side effects.  As you can see, it works!  :-)  We are in week 14 of using LDN.

Thank you so much that looks amazing after 14 weeks, do you know if this is available in the UK, my daughter is seeing a specialist this Friday xx

Hello.  There is a guy named Kev in our LDN User group.  He lives in the UK and just started LDN.  He may know.  



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