My alopecia areata came after my 3rd pregnancy. My son is nearly 3 now and I think he may have it as well. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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My AU came after weaning my second child when he was two. At the time it happened two years ago, I did a lot of research and found that it is very common to occur around pregnancy.   Pregnancy is very stressful on your body and stress generally triggers auto-immune events.  Each pregnancy is different and you can have hair go and return.   Mine didn't return with the third - oh well.   It's a really weird autoimmune disorder.   It's hereditary so that is why your son may have it.  Typically people with eczema are more susceptible. Here's how I look at it.  Autoimmune disorders are clustered.  You typically don't have just one, almost always two and sometime three coming later in life.  They are all seem to be triggered by a virus, stress or  medications. When I thought about what other disorders I could have had like lupus or type 1 diabetes, AU didn't seem so bad after all. Autoimmune disorders seem to runs in families, my mother, a sister and brother, my niece all have at least one and most have two.   AA is common and while it definitely makes your son and you standout, but you have choices and more are being developed.  There is no cure right now (the new drugs are just too new without long term studies).   My best advice is to seek out a specialist even if it means travel. DO NOT just go to any dermatologist.  Treatments can be hard on your body especially a three yr old.  Find a doctor that has treated 100s of AA/AT/AU patients.   You're going to be a great role model for your 3 yr old and are fortunate in that you'll be able to guide him.  There are several posts that I've read of parents having AA/AU as well as their children so you aren't alone.

My AA also started a year after my first daughter was born, then it was just a small patch. I got pregnant a year later and after the second, I rapidly lost it all. It developed into the Ophiasis form. I tried everything, cried for days, was depressed. Just a couple of weeks ago, I read on this site about LDN. I am currently using it and as of yesterday, I finally noticed that the hairloss is decreasing. It's too early to be excited yet, but I keep my fingers crossed.

I lost my hair after first child. Now have 3 kids and youngest is 4. The hair grew back on the head not body, but still wear a wig. My kids all have hear, but I fear they would lose it at some point.
Your case is probably that AA was transmitted to your son genetically I know this could happen. I hope his hair would grow back. Good luck?

Hi Susan,

Thank you for sharing your experience. Do you have any update on your childs condition? Also when was first time you have AA, did you have an onset before your 3rd pregnanacy? Thank you so much



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