Hi everyone, sorry in advance for the ramble. 

Today, after 4 years of having total regrowth on my scalp, I noticed a smallish(1cm) circular patch of bald on my head. My alopecia always was at the top of my head, fairly close to my forehead, and that's where it has returned. I'm feeling weird about it, and just wanted to post about it. Like many of us, no treatments were ever effective for me, and in the end I just had to make my peace with it, it was a few months after giving up on treatment that my hair returned. I think that's why this recent development hasn't upset me. That being said, I do feel oddly intimidated; when this all started, I noticed a small patch like today, and within a month it was 6cm across and I only had a few strands of hair by my hairline (I was told my a Derm. that if it falls out from the hairline, the chances of regrowth are slimmer). So, I feel daunted by the fact I don't know what's about to happen, and about the emotions it might cause. I'm interested in hearing from others who've been in similar situations? 

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Oh you poor dear.  I have had totalis for the past 18 years.

I wish I had my hair back but then I add up all the money I have saved 

Thousands. Because I have health insurance it costs me about $300 every

two years to get two new wigs.  Most times a wear a turban brought from 

Betmar and many people stop and ask me where I get them

i wish you good luck and all the best.  Joan Wilson

Since my son lost all of his hair following a meningitis vaccine and there have been thousands of cases of alopecia reported in VAERS and other databases following COVID shots, plus case reports in the medical literature, I am just wondering if you were recently vaccinated?


I am sorry to hear about your problem .

My son who was 4 years old ,4 years back  also suffered from alopecia.

I as a mother was worried that in such a small child how can such a problem occur where my child is healthy.

We got to see ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh,India.

He conducted mny blood tests we got to know that his vitamin d levels were too high. There were many other factors also responsible for this problem which exactly I don't know.

With his treatment his problem vanished. Doctor also gave kalonji hair oil for the treatment and I used to apply daily on his hair without fail.

And in no time I was able to see a visible difference..

He got a full hair back within 2 or 3 months .

Ayurveda has solution for every problem.

Must go about it.

I hope it helps and your problem gets vanished soon..

God bless you ..

Hi Richa, read your post. My son has alopecia and I have sister living in chd. If possible do ping me on 9702245779

Warm rgds, 

Sonea Damley


we too had a similar experience. My daughter went 3 years in complete recovery. Then we updated her vaccinations and it stated hair loss again. We have been battling it now ever since (4years). It has not been as bad as when she was originally diagnosed and her initial patches have grown back but then she will develop a new patch. I know it’s easy to say, But try not to panic. I think the fact that you have achieved remission in the past is a really great sign! I also don’t like it when dermatologist tell you that you have a “worst case scenario” situation. The most predictable thing about alopecia is that it is unpredictable. We to have been given a “worst case scenario” diagnosis but we keep battling and I feel we have way more wind than loses! Try looking into the autoimmune protocol by Mickey Trescott. I think that has helped us more than anything else

Vaccinations are the cause of much alopecia, in my view. I have a pair of identical twins. One got a Meningitis C shot loaded with aluminum, the other didn't . The one who got the shot, got very ill after the shot and eventually lost all of his hair which has never grown back. The other twin has all of his hair. This article is old but there are now thousands of reports of alopecia on VigiBase, the World Health Organization's database tracking adverse events. 1600+ reports of hair loss following COVID-19 shots  - LifeSite (li...  Pfizer also knew that alopecia areata was a possible side effect of its vaccine but has not allowed people to give informed consent by withholding that information. 

Sorry this is happening again but it is very common that alopecia comes and goes in some people.  I had patches that grew in for a while but then all growth stopped for the past 30 years and I'm happy because I didn't like being on the roller coaster.  Sadly, you just have to roll with it and either rock the bald look or get your self a nice wig.  What you can't do is stop living and become a worried introvert.  The most important thing is to find a way to be happy no matter what happens and be a positive person.  Other people pick up on your feelings so if you are positive and happy, that is the way they will see you and react to you whether you have hair or not.  It also helps to focus on the blessings in your life.  Things like your family, your health and the fact that you don't live in the Ukraine if you see my point.

Start using Minoxodil right away! It may not work but it might! I have seen amazing progress with my daughter using it and myself and clients. Make sure your consistent it takes time but I seen it work! Good luck to you! I've also like medicated shampoo like Nioxin with Zinc. 

Hi Angelica, curious why do is medicated shampoo like nixon with zinc great? someone with totalis would it still be good to use?

It soothing to scalp and will help with any scalp conditions ! Worth a shot and yes lather it up and let sit on scalp for a few min the rinse. 

Hi Charlotte

I've lived through something similar. In around 2000-2001 I experienced my first bout of AA, with small bald patches which were easily concealed for a year or so, but then progressed to the point I lost most of my hair. After a couple of years my hair grew back completely. It stayed like that till around 2011, when I started getting patchy (but relatively mild) AA again (my eyebrows, however, fell out during this period and have never grown back). After a couple of years this again cleared up completely (except for the eyebrows), but in late 2016 I noticed a small patch which progressed to me losing 80-90% of my hair by March 2017. Maybe surprisingly I found this almost as hard emotionally as the first time I lost my hair and, although I more or less went on with my normal life, I experienced frequent crying fits, migraines etc. However emotionally I was back to normal by mid 2017. I'm now at peace with my AA, and while I'm sometimes a bit self conscious I wear wigs, bandanas and hats and just get on with my normal life :-) Hopefully your AA will stay mild this time, but if it gets worse again if you're anything like me it will be difficult for a few months but you'll be fine in the end :-) 


I can relate to everything you said, basically it's stress, you are under stress.

Cut out the stress, meditate, take time out to smell the roses, unwind, take a holiday etc. etc. & don't even look at the bald spot.  It will disappear, mine do, always......... stop fretting ::))

Love & good luck




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