Are there any of you who have used drugs and/or alcohol to cope with the stress of Alopecia? I noticed there are no groups for this area.

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I'll be honest & say that, early on, right after I was first diagnosed, I did turn a lot to alcohol. I don't think you're alone, there, but everyone handles it differently.
Wish I could help, but all I have is personal experience.
I hope someone else can offer some insight.
Thanks Amy, I'm actually good now, but just wondering if there are others out there. I started a group Alopecia & Addiction. You should join.

My aunt was suffering from alopecia and due to it she started taking alcohol. Was not happy to see her like this so asked her to visit suboxone treatment virginia beach center for the treatment. She visited there along with me and took treatment that really helped her to overcome it.

In my opinion: if you or anyone are having trouble coping with their AA, then needs to seek help via a therapist. Using drugs or alcohol will / can only add to problems.

I can only recommend applying for this addictionresource rehab center if you feel you cannot get over it yourself. I had my own experience of treating there and got great quality help. 

Hey Johnny, I am a recovering alcoholic/opiate addict, been in the program since 1994. I was just diagnosed with a rare form of alopecia called Lichen Planopiliris devastating!. However, at the age of 70 years young, I believe that there is a reason for EVERYTHING. I am moving into acceptance through prayer, meditation and members of AA, close friends and my dojo. The Universal Force is awesome...the thought of a drink or pills has crossed my mind since the diagnosis but my Naturopath prescribed a low dose of Naltrexone. While meditating last night it came to me...what a blessing! If I took a drink I'd get very ill and the opiates would be cancelled that is a Power greater my myself at work. I have a plan: primarily based in focusing on the solutions rather than the disease.  So the answer to your question from me, is YES!  It certainly was a temptation.  Hope that helps.  Bonnie 

I use vape and CBD oils to reduce anxiety. I'm working on accepting myself, but sometimes there are tough days. If someone needs it, I can recommend, there are some cheap vapes.



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