Hello, I am nursing my ten old months twins and now my alopecia got worse, it was there before but I could conceal the patches, now I have to wear a wig. Few days ago I went to see the pediatrician for the routine check of the girls, and she paid compliments on my "hair". I told her it was a wig, explained I had alopecia for five years, any also that currently I have tyroids problems that appearead during pregnacy. She told me I should quit breastfeeding because the girls "had enough of it" and breastfeeding is tiring for me, so it causes the alopecia. I told her it is an autoimmune disease, and she insisted that breastfeeding makes me exausted and creates the environment that makes the alopecia worse. I told her my father has AU and never breastfed, but she insisted. Now, I have no intention of quit breastfeeding, I'll go on till my children will want it. But my question is: does she has any scientific evidence of what she is saying?

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I've searched for research supporting that ridiculous pediatrician's admonishment and I see no evidence. The only thing I've read over the years is that post-partum, some women experience shedding of hair. Thinning of the hair, self-limiting shedding. And their hair grows back. And this hair loss is NOT alopecia areata!   That's stupid.   Breastfeeding is a very natural healthy practice existing since we've been on this planet!  If extended breastfeeding (and sorry, doc, 10 months doesn't qualify as extended!) was the cause of alopecia worsening - then wouldn't more women be bald?  


I have seen no evidence at all supporting what she said to you.  Yes, she's a doctor but I've had my share of foolish misguided specialists so it doesn't bother me to say I think she's full of it! 


Breastfeeding your twins is so healthy!   The longer you breastfeed - the more you benefit both your babies and yourself!  The research supporting THIS statement is actually out there. You're doing your family and yourself a favour.  Don't listen to that woman!  I'm sorry she's telling people such nonsense.

My grumpiness is directed to your doc, by the way!  !  :)  I'm so happy you're nursing your children!


I'm going to go with yes, she just didn't explain herself well.  Any stress, including the stress on your body from the breastfeeding, could cause an increase in the hair loss.  For example, I threw out my back twice this summer (at 29... I'm an idiot, lol) and I noticed quiet the increase in loss after both accidents.  

That being said, if you stop its 100% up to you.  Its possible that the stress on your body from the breastfeeding is wearing you down - but also just the stress of having twins could be doing it!  I also know of a few mothers who had a shed after childbirth who do not have AA.  



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