I have had AA off and on since I was 27.  A few patches, that treated with injections would regrow and then no problems for about 4 years until it would happen again, then go away again for another 3 years or so.

Last year I started the usual patches and the treatment was working as it usually does, then suddenly it u-turned on me and I lost all my hair everywhere, including eyebrows and eye lashes etc. So I am now AU.

I started menopause last year, the hot flashes etc and I am wondering is there a link between Alopecia in any of its forms and menopause?

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Maybe just happened that way, but I developed Alopecia within the first year after a complete hysterectomy with the removal of my ovaries I was immediately thrown into menopause I have been on HRT ever since, but really believe it was the trigger for me.

For me it was quite the opposite.. my doctor identified menarche (start of menstruating) as the trigger for my alopecia. He thought that my body reacted to the hormonal changes that occured at that time.   I believe I am now going through menopause but it doesnt seem to be reversing the effect, it certainly cant get worse as I have AU.  But that was my trigger, I dont believe it means that is the trigger for everyone else.

The idea that there is a hormonal component as a trigger either with menarche or menopause is very interesting.  

In my experience with many of the people I help there does seem to be a correlation between hormonal changes and alopecia. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause seem to be hotspots for alopecia areata, obviously for our boys and men these aren't the trigger ....more research needs to be done.


Very interesting. Thanks Rosy. I wish some more research would be done into the hormonal correlation.

Wow - thank you.  I am 51 now and have never had AU before.  It has always been the typical AA with a few spots that bug me for a number of months and then went away with treatment.  Your post is VERY interesting.  I wonder if there is some way to get the medical world to do research on the hormonal component of AA/AU



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