One week ago, while getting my hair cut, a stylist asked, "you have alopecia?" I hadn't noticed that I had a bald spot. It now appears larger than it was when the stylist discovered it. Today a dermatologist confirmed that I do have alopecia.

I have so many questions and concerns. The dermatologist wants to start me on cortisone cream, followed by cortisone shots if necessary. At this point, I don't want to do any treatments.

What I hope to find out is: have any of you had only one spot that doesn't grow or relocate? I seem to only be finding cases of it developing into more extreme cases.

Other stories of a localized area growing, relocating, or regrowing are also appreciated.


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Give the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) a call at 415-472-3780.  We'll be happy to help.

I discovered mine in November, but my hairdresser noticed in late August. It was bad enough by February that I shaved my head but the regrowth has begun and the first spot that ended up about as big as my first is nearly covered. The growth of new spots has been very slow. I didn't want treatment s either.

You look beautiful with your head shaved. Have you encountered any stories of individuals with spots not growing? Every case of Alopecia Areata that I've come across so far seems to advance and encourage a shaved head. If you don't mind me asking: how big was your first spot, and how quickly did it grow to the size of your first? go It's so hard to not know what to expect.



I was 14 when I lost all my hair. It started in one dime-sized spot, that progressively grew larger, and throughout the next 6 months we had found many more spots on my head along with my hair receeding around the sides of my face and my forehead. We went to numerous doctors, and tried many creams, but nothing worked. We decided to see if it could've happened because of an autoimmune imbalance, and food allergies. To our surprise, it was exactly that. I was allergic to 24 different foods including the main food groups like: Gluten, Dairy, Egg, and Soy. I took about 15mg of cortisone a day, and too digestive enzymes along with probiotics, omega 3, vitaminD, vitaminB-12 and more. Something that you might consider is getting tested for food allergies, and immune system imbalances. I noticed a tremendous change in my life. my hair re-grew, and now I have a full head of hair, and don't have to wear wigs. It's worth it. Good Luck! I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have:)


Thanks for sharing your experience. I am interested in dietary effects, as I recently became vegan. It was quite a lifestyle change, and I imagine a shock to my system. I have an appointment with my primary next week, so I will be discussing this with her. How long did it take for your hair to regrow?


March of 2012 I shaved my head so it could all re-grow evenly, because I had very long hair. It took until last January to be long enough for me to put extensions in to make it about shoulder length. My hair was only about 4-5inches long at that point. It took me until the beginning of August to be able to wear my hair without the extensions, because my hair was finally shoulder length.! Now may hair is about two inches past my shoulders. It took a good maybe year and a half for my hair to completely grow back. :)

So, you haven't experienced any additional hair loss since it grew back? I have long hair, down to my chest, so the bald spot is quite a contrast. I'm very lucky to be able to hide it so far.

One of my best friends was having me cut her hair a few years ago and I discovered her spots in the back of her head. I told her about it and immediately started thinking about how I could help her. She went to the doctor, got the cream and shots, the hair grew back rapidly and the next hair cut there were no bald spots. They never reappeared. Think positive.

My started the same way. I was as the salon and my stylist said when did you get that spot.  That was a little over 2 months ago.  I have done 3 rounds of cortisone shot and they do not seem to be helping.  The first spot went from dime size to about 10 times that size and then a few weeks ago the dermotologist found 2 more, last night we found about 5-6 more all very small.  The itching and hot feeling is driving me crazy. 


Good Luck!!



My head has been itching a lot lately, but it's in areas where I have hair. Does yours itch in your bald spots or in your hair? How quickly did your spot change from dime size to the bigger spot?
Usually where it itches I will find a new bald spot. The first month it doubled in size then it seemed like it stopped, but it started again just seems to have slowed down in that spot. The new ones seem to be getting larger now.
I keep expecting to find another bald spot, but I haven't yet. The itching makes me worry so badly. I hope your spots will stop growing. Do you have any regrowth?



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