Almost 6 years ago I told my colleagues why my hair always looks so nice.

It was time to tell them, I did it in our office newspaper.

Here is my story, I want it to share with you all:

You all know me as Connie van der Schans and I want to tell you my story:

I suffer from Alopecia Areata. It’s a disease and -as research shows- not a rare one. One or two people in every hundred suffer, or have suffered from it in some form or another.

People with Alopecia Areata are bold, or still have some hair. Sometimes the hair grows back. It can be temporarily or permanent. The latter happened to me. It just happened. For the time being there’s no cure or medication.

Some of you are already aware of this, some of you suspect(ed) it but never dared to ask.

Many of you will be taken by surprise now and will say: “Connie? No way. It doesn’t show at all!”

But it is true. For 22 years and that also answers your every day question why it looks like I’ve just payed a visit to the hairdresser. So now you know. I wear a wig.

On one hand this possibility is a blessing. Sometimes a curse for its restrictions. Mainly inflicted by myself.

Why after 22 years -all of a sudden- go public in ‘The Lylander’ you may ask?

I have just had 2 marvellous weeks of vacation. In complete freedom. I took off the wig and swam like Flipper. Felt the sun on my head. It was a lifetime experience. So than and there I decided no longer to chain myself and not to be afraid of what other people think , and, if they do, well it’s fine by me.

I have stopped hiding myself for anyone to see. Life’s too short for that by the way. So time to get out of the closet. Finally.

Does this change me in any way? Of course not. I’m still the same Connie. Smiling behind the reception like I always do. Every day.

Allthough I know you will, I would appreciate it if you handle my personal story with the utmost respect.

Don’t ask me to take off my wig as I would never ask you to take off your dentures.

I am open to any serious question you may have on the subject.

Connie van der Schans
Operator and receptionist since 1978

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Very brave! Good for you! How had it been received? Are people behaving?

Your english is very good! I'm happy for you. I can't believe people ask about your hair though, that is so rude!

This is amazing.  thanks for sharing!!!!



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