Please share your story. Have you ever been in remission? Does it happen overnight? How long did your hair remain? Could you feel something happening? Do you know someone who been there; stayed there?

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The reason that there is no response to this question is that people drop off this site when they go into remission. They don't want to think about it if they do not have to.

Ya I know Karen. It's sad, expectedly because this condition is so unpredictable. People should not get the big head and forget about others. Like getting rich and treating your life time friends bad. That's not nice. :-( They even took a pledge to stay, a pledge should hold to the highest. I guess it sounded good to say at the time, because they want their hair back, some people say or do anything just until... Oh well. If my hair comes back I have to stay even if it means setting the clock to ensure I sign on bi-weekly. This is a good site to help us get though this ordeal and to accept our condition. By not having people on the site who are in remission, it feels like remission is impossible, you hear about it but that’s it

I lost all of the hair on my head and my legs when I was the time I got cortisone shots in my arm once a month...w/in a year the hair on my head grew back...but not the hair on my legs. I had a mostly full head of hair for about 30 years....a small patch would fall out from time to time and w/ or w/o treatment would grow back in...never really noticeable to anyone but me. Then about 2 years ago I started loosing all the hair on my body and now at 59 have alopecia universialis......I wonder if it will grow back again?????

Thanks for sharing Shullpatti. Jan will be two yrs for me,(A.A) Never remission. I hope for 30 yrs of remission that would put me at 79 yrs old. I'll be glad with that.



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