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I wanted to share with you some really important info!! I lost my hair a year ago, all body hair and went to every specialist, alternative health doctors etc. No answers, as we all know. They all said Auto-Immune. Sigh. Annoying isn't it. I had been on a wait list for 11 months to see a Live Blood Analysis expert. He has a 4-year wait list and you have to wait for a cancellation....he gets clients from around the world, he's that well-known and recommended. It all comes to him word of mouth. Anyway, he pricked my finger, squeezed some blood on a slide, put it under a huge microscope and projected it onto a screen. He proceeded to tell me I have Hemolytic Anemia (leaking red blood cells). And that I have a Parasite - you could seem them circling around the cells. I've likely had this for 4 years. He said without a doubt that this Parasite caused my hair loss. Absolute surety!! So I am now being treated for the low red blood cells, once they are doing better he will "poison" my system to start to get rid of the Parasites. He said I should get hair back within a couple of years.

There are no connections to this out there on the internet! Please please go this route and see if your symptoms have been caused by this unseen marauder. Get a Live Blood practitioner that comes well referred by someone else - like any line of work, there are some out there that are better than others. It is considered an "unproven" modality, but so was Chiropractic work, Naturopathic, etc and they often have answers that Allopathic (regular) doctors miss. In fact Allopathic doctors prescribe harmful and useless pharmaceuticals that one day in the future will be compared to blood-letting!

Please check it out and see what you find and let me know.


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Hello every one, there is very promising news on the horizon in the microbiology world concerning Lform and biofilm form bacterial overgrowth within the human body and its direct correlation to inflamitory autoimunual diseases of all types. The studies show unmistaken connections between inflamitory diseases in the human body and internal biofilm bacteria that resides within the body gone undetected by current testing. Biofilm and Lform bacteria are the cause of all autoimmunal diseases the articles posted below show this. If interested please read the articles, personally I owe it to myself to read up on this current break through information. we are all victims of this current situation. If you wish to read the article just go to www.bacteriality.com and read Dr. Randalls discoveries on biofilm bacteria.
and also check out the Marshall protocol websites google Dr.Trevor Marshall or google the marshall protocol. I hope this information consoles every one who reads it in some way.
If you believe in this movement please let the word out contact your primary care physicians and inform them of this breakthrough information give them the websites so they can read the published articles and read about the current conferences and currently ongoing human trials in effect.



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