I went to the docter about some infection on my skin, still unsure what it is probley exzcma anyway,
he gave anti biotics for a bit of acne and it started since then?
he thinks it has nothing to do with it so im still taking them (dont want bald patchs and acne)
but yeah what you guys think? i find you guys are more educated on alopecia then docters ever will be

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We are all looking for connections. With my daughter I felt it was a link to mono, but I don't think there is any proven link. The infection on your skin may have kicked your immune system into overdrive not the antibiotics but noone can really tell you.
Yeah their has to be a connection somewhere even if it hasnt been found yet,
their has to be a reason why certain people get it while other people don't,
i think theirs no where near enough research being done ..
bet the fix isnt to far away they just havent put their finger on it yet,

Tooth infection for example heaps of cases were because of a tooth infection and came right afterwards ( I know 90% have nothing at all to do with this, the other 90% still needs to be worked out,
they need to come out with some sort of force field to wrap around the hair follicules haha i wish

Hey Ryan, 

SO sorry i'm a few years late do you still deal with your skin issues, i have many that started with my alopecia really weird stuff that's hard to explain and i';m curious if we have similar symptoms. 



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