I am not a "bang" sort of person. Most of my life I have not had bangs. It seems like 99.9% of the wigs and bangs. The other .01% look as if the mortician has just finished in time for the showing. I looked into lace front wigs, but it appears as if they are very difficult to work with for the long haul and work best for still shots or far away viewing.

Can anyone recommend a wig without bangs that has worked for them?

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I got Noriko Vi (#1664) that does not have bangs ( I have a picture of me with her on) and really like it. Actually, I just had bangs cut in, really wispy, because I felt like my forehead was naked. It's comfortable, synthetic, but not mono top.
I hope that helps.
Hi Val. I really like the style on the Vi wig. I tried to find the photo of you wearing it, but I couldn't find it. Could you tell me where to find your photo? I'm thinking of getting one too. Thanks so much!!!
I ran into the same sort of thing! As you can see in the photo that shows (briefly) of me in the video that was just posted on the home page, my natural hair was off my forhead...I NEVER wore bangs. A lot like your style. I quickly learned that I couldn't get that look easily with wigs, and I bought a couple with bangs that I could part slightly to reveal a little forehead. You can see the Rene of Paris wig I bought in my YouTube video about scarves.

The problem appears to be that unless a wig is a lace front (which I don't want to mess with), it looks like a wig if the hairline is visible. This is another reason I quickly decided that wigs weren't for me. I agree that mono-top is the way to go if you do buy a wig...the part looks very realistic.
I bought a beautiful piece from Flora- who has an ad on here. None of her work has bangs, you have to request them.
Hair is unreal!

I know this post is really old but LOL at "The other .01% look as if the mortician has just finished in time for the showing" I can't stand my lace front wig. It looks like doll hair, so I always have to wear it with a headband.



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