I have had AA for 20 years. Recently, July, I shaved bcz I lost about 80% of my hair. I have lost brows and lashes. I believe this is turning into AU, less and less hair on scalp and arms legs, etc. I am finding myself with getting stys in my eyes frequently. They will burst and I end up with pink eye. Also more colds...losing nose hair too. Sorry if this is TMI :). Has anyone else dealt with this? Suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi Mom of 5

This happens to my daughter when ever her hair comes or goes. The eye problems you are having may be because your lashes are very soft and becoming ingrown (alopecia is so hard to deal with sometimes). I have on occasion tweezered out a eyelash that is continuing to cause issues for Libby.

Cold and things ...nose hair is there for a reason... it stops viruses and bacteria going any further...first line of defence. a little vaseline on the inside of your nostrils may help.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


As what Rose Marie said.

I have no nasal hair so I seem to get colds all the time. Someone I know puts a dab of vasoline in there nostrils to try and counter the effects- I might try that in winter.

Dry eyes are a pain too.


Hi Paul

I think it does work...just how much it helps though isn't it.

Good luck with the using Vaseline to help with the colds and things


YES! I have AU (for over 2 years) and lost my nose hair last winter. I am a virus magnet!!! Eyelashes and nose hair is the first line of defence. I am seeing an immunologist next week to see if he has any other ideas.

I am going to try vaseline.

you are not alone!


I feel so "normal" here! I suppose vaseline is used everyday..? I have dry eye issue too. I am waking up every single morning sneezing and runny nose. I wonder if that is some allergy to something?

On a completely other topic. I went to a viewing tonight. Someone came up to me and said "I heard life really gave you a bad deal. I said, no. Not really i have an awesome husband and great family." Then i realized I have no hair...i dont wear wigs, had a scarf on. I said of all the conditions God could chose to give me...I am so grateful to have this one!


What a lovely attitude.

I know what you mean about feeling normal here. I don't really discuss my daughter and the issues she deals with in any depth with people outside this community. I very much enjoy the support.


I cant believe I am sick again! For those who use vaseline, is that done daily? Any suggestions on boosting immunity that have helped others? Thank you :-)

I have been taking vitamin D and vitamin C along with a probiotic for about a year now and noticed that my colds have been fewer and not as severe. I know my sister is a nurse and swears by vitamin D too. Just a thought.

Hi Jenn

Thanks for the info...I might try this with Libby...she has been very ill of late :(.


My son's neurologist and our chiropractor both said to get him on a mineral, and wala his hair is all back.  He had a spot on the back of his head that started out as a dime size, it kept getting bigger till it was about the size of the palm of my hand.  More spots were appearing so I tried a couple different Minerals till I found the one that worked for him.  I think it was a mix of a couple of different things but all the same all his hair is back and thick

As suggested by my eye doctor I use drops for dry eye, Systane balance.  This has made a difference .  Really the best thing is washing my hands with either soap and water and sanitizer OFTEN.  Without nose hairs keeping my hands clean has been my best defence.  

On another note, I'm seeing my dermatologist next week.  He is young and current.  I am interested to hear about any current research (I have AU )...



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