I've been wanting to get this done for years, even before I had alopecia. I wear contacts every day, but sometimes I have to wear glasses, and I just hate wearing glasses and a wig. It's just too much stuff on my face!

I think I would even feel more comfortable wearing a scarf if I didn't have to wear a scarf with glasses.

Just curious if anyone has had LASIK. Did it make your eyes really dry? That's one of my concerns, that my already dry eyes will get even dryer! They seem to have gotten drier since getting alopecia.

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Hey Aimee,
I did have Lasik about three months before my alopecia started. I LOVE the results! I could see walking out of the clinic and my eyes were -750 and -800 with astigmatism...crazy. My eyes are healthier now (I used to wear contacts all the time due to an active lifestyle).
I don't find my eyes dry. In the beginning month while healing yes, but they give you drops. Now my eyes are fantastic. If you have any other questions let me know.
I was super worried when I went in to my appt...haven't regretted it since!

Please check out dry eye zone, it is a on line support group for people who suffer from DES (dry eye syndrome) I developed severe dry eyes several years after having a surgery to open the tear ducts (the small drain holes on the lids near your nose) and may have had the dry eyes coming on for some time, but now I can't even cry a tear to save my life. After researching the dry eye, I discovered that to my shock so many had the LASIK surgery done. My son and many others I know have had it without the dry eye complication, but I'm being honest here when I tell you that Dry eyes is a disabling condition, I now wear contacts just to protect my corneas from the constant abrasions caused by just blinking. I know that if you have dry eyes you are NOT A CANIDATE for the LASIK correction, and if a eye doctor tells you that you are he is just trying to make money and doesn't care about you. Please think carefully about it, and if it is worth the risk, funny I had an appointment set up to get the LASIK done myself, just before the dry eyes developed on me. My corneal specialist said I can consider myself lucky I didn't get a earlier appointment.

Hi Aimee

It has since been almost 3 years! May I know how was the effectiveness of your LASIK?

I would like to do LASIK as well, but i have Alopecia Areata, and according to the FDA, autoimmune diseases are absolute contraindications for LASIK. I think it might have to do with the unpredictability in healing of the cornea, but i'm not so sure about this.

I do not currently have dry eye symptoms, although my eyes will get tired and abit dry after wearing contact lenses for >12 hours (I think this is normal).

According to the LASIK clinic, the doctor advised that it is acceptable to do LASIK as long as i'm not under any medication and the autoimmune disease is under control. I'm currently not under any medication. So far, no further bald spots have occurred for 2 years.... but Alopecia is unpredictable, so I do not know if my autoimmune disease is under control or not. Do you think it's advisable to do LASIK then?

Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

I only got to know about this contraindicated thing through the Internet... There seem some studies where patients with autoimmune diseases with successful LASIK outcomes as well. But I wouldn't want to risk anything without proper consultation. Ill be going for a LASIK evaluation 2 weeks later (as doctor will need to check my myopia and astigmatism), and it'll be the first time that I'll be meeting the doctor face-to-face and discuss if I'm really suitable. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Hi Aimee! I've done my pre-LASIK evaluation. As my eyes are currently normal, I'm allowed to go for LASIK. I've also told the doctor about my alopecia areata, and she said that since it is localized in the head, it shouldn't be a problem. However, I will be seeking for a second opinion just in case!

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