Has anyone else been told Alopecia is an auto immune disorder? I have been tested for it and nothing comes back positive!

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I've always believed it to be autoimmune related. I know that many of us with alopecia suffer from other autoimmune diseases.I was told when I was diagnosed that it was.

Certain types of alopecia have an auto-immune component to them, but not others.  For example, alopecia areata has been established to have an auto-immune component -- and many people who have areata suffer from other auto-immune issues.  If you have been tested for auto-immune diseases and the tests are negative, count your lucky stars.  You may simply have androgenic alopecia (genetic alopecia; female pattern hair loss; male pattern hair loss).  There's no cure or consistently successful treatment for androgenic, but -- on the other hand -- it does not involve your auto-immune system, so that's good.

Why would she be lucky if its androgenic and not areata. In latter case we might have our hair back. While with androgenic there is no chance of having it back

Because androgenic alopecia is not typically accompanied by other auto-immune conditions - areata is.  Other auto-immune conditions include lupus, celiac disease, etc.  They can be very serious.  The potential for re-growth with areata -- and re-growth is neither guaranteed nor consistent with any available treatment to date -- isn't something that somehow tips the scales in favor of having areata.  If you don't have areata or other auto-immune issues, that's generally considered a good thing.

Seems to me that biologics are good treatments for AA. Also if yiu have AA it doesnt always mean you have other autoimmune diseases.

I did not say that AA is always accompanied by other autoimmune diseases.  I said that it is typically accompanied by other autoimmune diseases.  This does not mean that they appear together at the same time.  But if you have one autoimmune disorder, your chances for developing another one over the course of your life is greater than someone without autoimmune problems.  This does not mean that you are guaranteed to develop another autoimmune condition, just that the likelihood of that occurring is greater than that of someone who does not suffer from any autoimmune conditions at all.  

And yes, certain biologics are showing good promise.  

how can they test you for something they don't understand? lol... just lol
they checked your c reactive protein to asses inflammation?
they checked your white cell to see if immune system was fighting?
u didn't specify what kind of alopecia u have. assuming it's aerata totalis or universalis well there is no blood test for this or biopsy needed. if u still have patches Dr can do a hair pull test, it's obvious
See www.naaf.org. More research info should come out after the conference this month. Also see the 2010 gene study online.
I was told I have alopecia areata by 3 doctors who saw me one time only and no tests were done. They told me it is an autoimmune disorder. The last doc. Derm, who saw me advised me to take a multivitamin with biotin and zinc in it. Has anyone else been told to take that? Also he gave me prescription for minoxidil 5% mixed with alcohol to rub into my scalp twice per day. Nothing working so far. I have about 95% hair loss all over scalp in past 2 months and still falling.
try xeljanz if u want

Hi Crma, it is really auto immune. There is no remedy, in my case it is due to stress. I began with AA 38 years ago, now I am 55. It is getting worse and worse. For the 3 last years I lost great part of my eyebrows and lashes. Part of it came back but who knows when it worsen again. That's it. For 2 years I am wearing wig, it is really uncomfortable, mad of real hair to measure but it is rather warm in summer. It is a must for work but it is hard to cope with. It is itchy. i cannot work properly, I cannot find another work, I can hardly go out of the flat, I lost my normal life. But not everybody sees it like this. Just bepositive! My husband has not seen my head for 1,5 years. It would be shocking for him I tnink, I wear a light cap also at night. But perhaps others can manage it. All the best! Sue

I have alopecia universalis. All over no hair anywhere on body since Feb. I started out 2 years ago and with alopecia areata just in the back of my head. then in Nov. 2016, I lost all of hair on scalp, then in Feb.2017  Have lost all body hair. I wear a wig and just this past week had eyebrows put on with semi-permanent microblading procedure. Haven't learned yet how to wear false eyelashes without people noticing. I have contacted a Dr. at Cleveland Clinic that specializes in alopecia but appt. is not until Sept. This is very humbling for a woman that has always had long beautiful hair! I am praying this new Dr. has some new answers, My dermatologist here has basically given up on me!!



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