This question has probably been asked a ton. I currently wear a freedom wig but I can't pull it back off my face because of the hairline. Im looking for a lakefront that is human hair that I can slick my hair back or at least pull off my face. I do not have a budget. Looking for medium length brown hair. I am completely bald, so I'd use glue and tape. Thank you!

If you have pictures, I'd love to see!

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How about the Follea ? 

When you see shed hairs, check to see if you can see the kink from where the hair was knotted or injected into the base. If you can, the hair is shedding from the attachment point. This is likely due to getting conditioner on the base then wet combing the hair, or faulty manufacturing (loosely tied knots or improper injection during ventilation). If the knot is fully in tact and you see both the main hair shaft and the return hair as well as the knot, the hair likely slid out of the edge of a lace base. This can happen when the lace frays or tears. If the hairs are short or broken pieces, the hair is breaking off. This is probably due to under-conditioning, improper use of styling tools or products, or poor quality hair.

Here are some tips for using the lace front wigs:

1. Saturate the base or knot with a hair conditioner. This may cause knot loosening and hair loss.
2. In regulation. If you don't have enough hair, it will become dry and fragile and fall off.
3. Use a ventilation brush to comb the tangled hair. If you do this, you will pull out the hair and cause damage or baldness. This is especially dangerous when the hair is moist and most vulnerable.
4. Comb the tangles from the root. This is another great way to pull hair off the base. Always start at the end and then go to the base.
5. Use hair-destroying hair accessories. Using hairpins or hair in unison can cause damage.
6. Heat modeling too often. Regular high-calorie drying, curling or flat ironing can cause the hair to dry and fall off. You can also pull the hair out by "blowing out" your hair with a hair dryer and blowing brush.
7. Use hair products that contain irritating alcohol. Harsh chemicals can cause hair to dry and then fall off.

Not being able to change your hairstyle while wearing a wig sucks. Thankfully, a lot of modern women wigs not only look completely natural but also give the flexibility of experimenting with hair style without fear of giving away the secret. To be specific, I love Lordhair's collection of women hair systems and have been using them for some time now. 

Photos you requested and photos I will share!

As far as I can remember, my supplier offers medium length brown hair plus the price is amazing. Do check out the website and let me know what you think!

More power to us. 

Hi , Are You still looking for the perfect wig? I also custome color wigs too. 

I would suggest to have the hairline re-ventilate

I've just started using a new company called Hair ViVi that so far (knock wood!) seems to be good. They have 360 lace front wigs and full lace wigs with bleached knots and a pre-plucked hairline. I have to use tape and or glue as well, but this wig works better with glue. I was using XC Sunny wigs, but I had a lot of shedding. This company seems to not have shedding (or as much). The unit can be dyed (it comes in black), but there are other wigs that I think come in other colors. This is the first wig I've had with a natural looking hairline that I haven't had to pluck to get it to look realistic, although because the hairline is pre-plucked, I can only use glue because tape doesn't line up with the hairline, KWIM? I'm almost completely bald (I am if I shave what's left if I use a full lace wig), so combs are not necessary, so I (very carefully!) remove them. The Hair ViVi wigs come with an elastic band sewn in so you have extra security. Hope this helps!

Hi Dollhead.  Are you still happy with Hair Vivi?  I looked at their website but it only looks like they have dark hair.  I also looked at XC Sunny.  Was the shedding so bad that the wig wouldn't last 6 months?  I've always ordered from Cooperwigs in China but they seem to be having issues getting hair to do my blonde custom order so now I need another option. 

I've never fixed them with glue or tape. Anyway, how long does a glued wig last? All this time I've been using sews-in only, and I'm pretty pleased with them. It takes a bit longer to install, but usually I appeal to a professional. Also, I think that sews-in are way more practical than glued ones, because you can use several parts of it, and style it whatever you want. I know that they're quite expensive, but I managed to find a nice online shop with really good prices I've been ordering from them for the past 10 months, and I'm really pleased with the quality!



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