Guys! Guys.

Ophiasic as heck over here these days. Really feeling like I am finally ready to bite the bullet and get a great wig. Tired of the (mostly passable) craft project that my self-styled hair has been for the past four years, and anyway, there's barely enough left for me to hook my coverups on anymore. Especially bad is how I'm having to create the illusion of a hairline in front/at the temples.

Need to know who's good around these parts (I live in Central VA but am up for a field trip) who is artistic, understanding, familiar with this condition, and can deal with varying hair textures. I am Greek and Filipino but my hair is almost like certain varieties of African hair. I loved my natural hair and would like to approximate it. Also willing to invest a good bit if the quality is great.

Any words of wisdom from those who have trodden the path are most welcome.

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Hello, there is a gal called Chris for Hair, she is located in Northern California ,but she is very honest and will do video chat with you and find out what you are looking for. This is my advice for you regarding wigs. You need the best cap possible and with the exact size of your head. Maybe you will get lucky with a stock wig but custom is the best way to go. Chris for Hair is not a person that will take advantage of you rather the opposite and not sell to you if you are not a good fit for her products. She has a good website and a good facebook page. If you show her pictures of the type of hair you are looking for or an old picture that will be helpful to her. You want a monofiliment top and be able to part it in any direction. If you can find a color ring with a color you want that is helpful too. You want metal stays at the nape of neck and at the ear tabs so it hold close to your head. If you want silicon in it to grip your head she can offer that too. It is good to have adjustable straps at the back of the wig too. You want quality hair that has longevity to it. Give her a look up and be sure to ask all the questions possible and feed her what you think you want in the cap and the hair. Good luck. 



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