Just wanted to let everyone know about the wigs from Image Evolution or Freedom Wigs.

I met with Jennifer to see them and I was so excited. If you have very little hair this is an amazing product. Or if you are willing to shave what hair you do have. I was very impressed. I have suffered from Alopecia for 28yrs. I always said "There has to be something better than these synthetic wigs", and wow there is!!

Here website is http://www.imageevolutionhair.ca/gallery/products

Don't let the cost scare you away. I figured things out and these work out to way cheaper than buying synthetic every 4-6 months and having to cut and style to suit was always such a pain. These last longer, feel way better as it's human hair.

I have grown back my hair with being in a study, but let me tell you that if I ever have to go back to wearing wigs I would be investing in these wigs 100%.


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I have had Alopecia for many many years.  More than I can remember.  No hair anywhere.  I would like to know what study you were in and the medication that was used. I was just called for a study but was turned down be cause I take 15mg of predisone daily. 

I also have a freedom wig,  I live in south Florida.  Needless to say I hardly wear it.  It is HOT HOT HOT. Sweat will run down from in front of the ears like I turn on a faucet. I'm interested in this new cap.  I don't have a consultant anymore as she quit several years ago.


The Study I am in is done in Toronto Canada. I take 10mg of Xeljanz. 

They did studies in the U.S. talk to your Dermatologist. 

you should contact Jennifer from Freedom wigs. Discuss things with her.  Wearing a wig in the heat is terrible. I wore one while I was in Aruba. But only at night when we went out for dinner. Through the day I had bought a pony tail on a band and then wore my base ball cap. So much cooler. I put jen’s info in my message. Let me know if you need it. Also, any study would require you to be off your prendizone. If that’s something you can do to get into a study it maybe worth it.

thanks for responding.  Who is Jen and where is her territory?  I've heard of Xeljanz

Good morning,

I’m not sure if there is a rep near you. You would have to contact Jennifer. Here is her website.

Jennifer Krahn



she will be able to put you in contact with some. 

where do you live in Florida? My sister is in Fort Myers. 




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