i came across something today called biohair 7x, it’s been online for nearly a year now

appears to be a mix of Tofacitinib, minoxidil and a couple of other things


I havent dug too deep into the vendor yet but I’m surprised I haven’t seen it come up here yet.

Not or sure if they require a prescription or not. Does anyone have a doctor who would write them a script for such a thing?

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I would think this is scam. 

see that was my initial thoughts, but it's missing some key components of the usual scams

1) mystery naturopath ingredients

2) overseas production/sales

this one looks legit-ish because it actually names two known hair growth pharmaceuticals, and it has a brick and mortar address in USA. topical xeljanz IS being sold by some pharmacies in USA now

the company does claim to be naturopaths, which is suspicious, but generally naturopaths don't want anything to do with pharmaceuticals, so that's also strange. 

Run.... Run fast away if you can afford $499 for this bs u should be smart enough to run! 

Go to clinical trial.gov do your search SCAM! 

Obvious scam. You wouldn’t be able to get something like that without a prescription. No one is gonna hand out tofacitinib without a script.

I'm as skeptical as the next person, maybe more so. but after some digging this passed my smell test so I thought I'd take a stab at it. 

I placed the order online over a weekend to see what would happen. I didn't hear anything for a week or so, so I started to wonder if I actually hit the "submit" button. out of the blue I got a call from someone at biolife about my order, they have a promo code for 50% off, so they're going to send me 2 bottles rather than the 1 I initially ordered. 

Another week, nothing shows up in the mail, no charges on my cc. Same guy calls me again, says they've just finished mixing the stuff and it's getting shipped. I get a shipping notice email and tracking #. Stuff arrives. The day afterward the guy calls me back and says they weren't able to run my CC, numbers had been entered incorrectly I guess. Anyway, the point is I had the product in my hands before they even charged me for it which is commendable I guess. 

Charges on my CC were correct, nothing weird going on. 

The product is as illustrated, glass bottle with a graduated dropper. instructions are to apply 1ml to the entire head, I'm only treating part so I'm using 0.5ml per day. It feels like an oil based medium, the vendor recommends waiting an hour before going to sleep or wearing a hat, to prevent staining I think. 

The product has been reformulated as Biohair X, they have removed the 7% minoxodil and replaced it with 1% bimatoprost (latisse) which they say has proven more effective. it also has 3% tofacitinib


prescription is required. 

So we'll see how this is going after a few months

Hi Chris, 


Could you comment on how things are going?   I'm about to start treat my 18 years old son with Biohair X.   Any feedback from you will help me.  What type of alopecia do you have?  Thanks in advance. 

well it's only been just over a month, so my only point of measure is that my son (7 years old) hasn't had any side effects from the medication to date. 

There are a lot of new terminal hairs starting in the areas that I am treating, but as usual with AA we don't know if it's due to the treatment or some sort of spontaneous remission

I'll post an update at the 2 and 3 month mark with more useful information



overdue update!

so we've got 4 months under our belt, I've got about 1/4 of my 3rd bottle of biohair left. 

we have a lot of terminal hairs growing all over the area that's being treated. I wouldn't say it's "cosmetically acceptable" yet but there's definitely stuff happening. One interesting thing that I've noticed is that as I've come across new small spots starting, they seem to get better in about a month after I start treating them with biohair. "better" meaning they stop expanding and after a month-ish I start to see new terminal hairs growing in. 

I'm starting to think that the longer a follicle has been in remission the longer it will take to be revived. The areas that were the first to fall out (and went the longest without being treated with this product) seem to be taking the longest to come back. 

On my second order of product (I initially ordered 1 bottle and got a second free, then ordered 3 for price of 2) the contact at the company was very responsive and easy to work with. I haven't actually consulted with Dr. Hashemiyoon but the sales contact has mentioned several times that I have this available to me if I'd like. 

I will continue to use this product for the time being as I don't really have any better options available. 

I'll update periodically

update after 6 months

we've been using biohair for 6 months now. I'm fairly confident that it is helping start remission in the areas we are treating with it. we've gone from probably 60% hair missing to 30% and it seems there is more growing in every day, slowly but surely. 

it's not a cure, so it won't stop new outbreaks before they happen. But I'm confident enough in the treatment that I'm willing to continue using it. It's not cheap by any stretch. 

We are also treating with rogaine 5% to help speed hair growth once the follicle is reactivated

Where can I get.  For my daughter Please 



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