First I would like to say praise be to a good and all loving all nipotent God, "God is good " good All the time. Some people with alopecia Areata believe God has it out for them, why them? what did they do that was so bad to deserve this desease or why is God mad at me? or if God is so good why did he allow this to happen to me? So many questions, I had, as the big O,Oprah winfrey would say I had A AHA! moment while pondering those very questions one day.Dr.s boast there is no cure to AA and have to concrete evidence to even back there weak theories. I respectfully dissagree with there less than inspirational conclusions. i decided to take a quantum mechanics point of view to these perplexing questions, in other words, theres more than one perspective or way of looking at the same problem if seen through different points of view. Heres an example to state my own hypothosys, please bare with me i am a little long winded, example, before we used doppler radar to forecast the wheather, forcasting droughts, tornados,,typhones rainstorms was impossible, our ancesters who didnt know any better believed a drought meant that God was angry with them, they asked themselves, why them?, did they do somerthing wrong?, what did they do to deserve this? see the similarities in there way of thinking, get the picture, God did nothing to our ancestors. We now know through advanced technology and scientific knowledge it wasnt God directly and purposefully causing droughts and typhones ect..It was just nature at work, we know this now due to advanced technology we possess, its the same with aquiring Alopecia its lack Of knowledge and bad medical hypothosys that causes us to blame God, Why do we ask the very same type of questions our ancestors did.? Lack of knowledge!
Recently as of the 1960s 70s early 80s the medical comunity use to believe ring worm was due to an actual worn that burrowed under the skin in a circular fashion, thus the name ring worm was dubbed. Just recently with the onset of newer technology the medical community has discover that ring worm is not and actual worm as supposed for decades prior, but a fungal infection that occurs under the skin. So whats my point right, my point is just suppose they are wrong about the cause of alopecia they sure were wrong about ring worm and hemroids also newly discovered to be a pyoly virus. I believe Alopecia Areata is a direct cause of a immune system that has been weekend do to extreme trauma /stress or other underlying more seroius desease cancer ect.. or just plain bad genes not every one has the genes of Arnold Swartzannegger some people are skinny some are fat some powerful some weak, get it weekened immunal protection what ever the cause allows the proliferation of fungal/ bacterial agents which are naturally always present in life to aquire a foot hold within the body when the bodies defenses are low cuasing fungal or bacterial type infection not unlike ring worm or mainge symptoms in dogs,to occurr. Dogs which aquire ring worm ussually are very young or ill in both cases there immune systems are compromised ring worm starts in dogs with itching and lose of hair in circular patchy areas if left unchecked it will eventually encompassing the whole body, alopecia areata totalis. the resolution is to boost the weak immune system until it can fight off the invading fungi or bacterial infection. Give the body help and it will heal, Do you see the importance of prayer,peace of mind, consistant healthy eating plenty of water , sleep, oxygen, nutrients,some roots and herbs when needed, streghten the imune system ,streghthen the body ,kills the infection and brings back hair.
About me, i am currently seeing a natural medicinal Dr. with 30 years experience in chinese medicine they do not say you are ill just out of balance I am on a large regimen of various different types of herbs and roots four 1 month so far, and my hair is comming back , no joke! it is clearly visible to friends and family, my hair is comming back all throughout my entire head and eye brows every week i see thicker patches and more hair, it is comming in the way it left interestingliy enough, in patches, mind you, prior to the herbs regime and diet change I had no hair at all left I was bald as a babies bottum and kind of jaundice, literily within 1 month i gained /sprouted a significat amount of hair, enough that when i shave i fill the razor up and can feel stuble in many areas, also i am feeling stronger and more regular during bowl movements, guys i will continue to intermitantly report in with my progress and will supply photos as i progress further and give the name of natural medicine Dr. when my hair returns, please pray for me, my hope is that this blog helps someone out there. and gives hope, God Bless!

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I 100% agree with you George! I can't wait to see photos!
this is fantastic news i will think of u and pray i have a little boy who is loseing
i have had him to a natural herb doc for may b 3 months now
but no sign of regrowth but im praying very hard that his immune system
will be healed. he can be very stresses out
so ur article has reall inspired me and i wont give up
please god
thank u

Hello George, Could you please share the Dr's contact info? Thanks.



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