My son has Alopecia Universalis. He has just graduated high school and is looking for his first job. His hair started falling out when he was about 7. He has never worn a wig and only wore a cap for maybe a year or so. After that, he has just gone bald everywhere he goes. He seems to be proud of who he is and has lots of friends. He is very outgoing and funny and everybody loves him.

He is, however, having a hard time finding a job. He is starting to think that maybe it is due to the fact that the baldness makes him look so different. I am wondering if the prospective employers think he might be sick. Have any of you had similar experiences? Any suggestions? I was thinking that maybe he should tell them right out that he is not sick and explain the condition. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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I am only a bald kid, but your son sounds like a pretty cool dude. I know alot of older guys who are brothers and sisters of my friends, the are ALL having trouble finding jobs. It must be pretty much like the tv and net shows...the economic is reallly screwed up. Parttime jobs for us h.s. students are not easy to find either. You son sound pretty much like me. Everybody has always told me that if I feel okay bald, then other people will pickup on it and do the same. Tell you son good luck.
The job market sucks right now, I have several friends who are unemployed that are college graduates with beautiful hair. It's tough out there, but he sounds like a strong guy and I'm sure he'll find something if he doesn't give up!
I don't think it's because he "might look sick". There is a lurch in employment these days - a lot of people flooding the market looking for work. I've been on and off the job market quite a few times - noone really notices my hairlessness until I actually talk about it.
It is summer though - lotsa folks out on vacation. Hiring tends to swing back in September when everyone heads back to the offices. I'll keep my thumbs crossed for him though! Depends what industry he is looking for work in as well - call centers are always looking for people (high turnover rate). Construction is usually in September as well - and falls off in winter... Working in restaurants is kind of tough to get into at any time, but not having hair is a plus because we don't shed ;)
Have a good week! Keep us posted :O)
It could very well be....employers are very, very picky....and the more "different" you are from what they are seeking, the more they will be rejecting.

I hate to sound negative, but that's the way it is.
I forgot mention in my reply the otherday that I have a part-time job. I am a CUSTOMER ASSISTANT as well as a bagboy and carry-out helper. My job is to assist people who are disabled in someway as well as to assist customers that have a huge list and need help with more than one cart. I OFTEN LEAD MY SHIFT IN TIPS. Yes, I do a great job and I am very polite. And a customer who owns a very fancy restraunt has already told me that he has a job for me as soon as I turn 18.
There you go! Looks like BIG tips are in your future, and sometimes clients get to know you, like your service and professional communication, and offer jobs...
I am a female and have worn a wig for 15 years. I can tell you first hand that employers have questioned me about my hairloss and I have been very open. Depending on the type of work he's looking for, perhaps he can bring it up as a strength in his character. For instance, I am a teacher and I have brought up how dealing with a disease such as alopecia has made me more able to understand children of all needs, capabilities, and even incapabilities. I warn that if he is going to work with kids, try to stay out of the highschool age. they can be cruel (from experience). let me know how it works, I'm interested.
I don't think that the baldness would be a reason not to hire him. Baldness in men is relatively common and not something that necessarily turns alot of heads. I would venture to say that it is probably due to the really soft job market and the fact that many qualified people are out there. This probably does not help.
Perhaps your son could leverage his excellent social skills and schedule a few informational interviews with people that are involved in industries that he is interested in. The contacts might include family friends or relatives. This way, he could get a chance to know the demands in different industries and get a little insight on how he might become more competitive for them.
Another great way to make relationships and to get out of the house is to do volunteer work for your local school, museum, organization, or whatever. Frequently you will meet an interesting cross section of people, several of whom are gainfully employed and/or have work experience. This is another way to make relationships and build contacts which might eventially lead to a new opportunity. Best of luck.

Good discussion.

Trust your son made a decent career in the meantime. 

However I can just warn everybody, in particular men, to go alopecia areata bald in business. It is very dangerous being open about this. In General people believe that AA is stress related and by having that you cant handle stress. And having the most extreme form (AU) is for many evidence that stress in work is just totally toxic for your body. Making a decent career with open AA can therefore be quite a challenge. 

It is better for men (and women) not to show their AA in a job/business context. And one more reason to hope for reliable medication to be put on the market soon.

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