currently I have a short blonde wig and have worn it for a year. It was time to get a new wig so I wanted to change it up and go for a brown long wig. I’m scared to make the transformation because it’s totally different colour and length. I’m not sure what to tell people and if I should tell my manager at work because honestly I don’t know what I will say when I show up with a new wig. I was also wanting to go to a party this weekend with people I have met once who are friends with my close guy friend and idk if I should show up with a new wig either cause I’m super scared what to say. Please help!

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If you're afraid people will know or guess that you're wearing a wig, then just joke like you're making a fashion statement.  

Or, use it as an opportunity to explain about alopecia.

I agree with hagster, you should use this as an opportunity to explain alopecia. If you don't want to do that then just say that you changed your hair style, if you make a big deal about it then other people will too. Some people are constantly changing their natural hair (colors, extensions, etc.). If no one has noticed you're wearing a wig by now then they probably wouldn't think you are when you change it. 

Trust me, no matter what people say on this site, or any other, people KNOW you are wearing a wig.  They would have to be blind and stupid not to know.  UNLESS you have the most expensive HH wig money can buy.  So go ahead and wear a brown wig, or any other color.  What can they say? 



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