So tomorrow I'm getting a visit from CPS. Apparently, the school called CPS on my wife and I for child neglect because my twelve year old daughter has Alopecia. She started losing her hair around January. She's completely hairless now. When we noticed the patches we took her to a dermatologist. He diagnosed her and then gave us some medicine which didn't work. I don't believe there is any form of medicine to treat this type of Alopecia. So the school figured they'd wait until she returned the next year after summer break and if she was still bald they'd contact CPS and file a complaint. We don't treat her any differently. We never ask her to wear her wig or hat when we go out. We try and make her environment as stress free as possible. She's so comfortable now she doesn't even wear a hat or wig at school. Unfortunately she's probably going to get upset when this government employee shows up tomorrow to start asking questions about her condition. So how should I deal with this? Do I allow this CPS employee into my home or just talk outside and how do I deal with the school? Any advice would be great. Thank you.


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This is OUTRAGEOUS. Not that you have to, but when your daughter started losing her hair, did you send any info on Alopecia in to the school? I don't understand what the school could possibly felt was a big enough issue to call in CPS. Did the school tell you this was why they called CPS? I suggest you get a good lawyer. Also, use this as a teaching moment for those who don't know about Alopecia. Call the local media. Good luck to you and keep us posted!

Hi jtucker4.

It is unfortunate that the school didn't communicate their concerns with you to gain a deeper understanding. However, I would encourage you to take the opportunity to educate the CPS worker in a respectful way. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't. They have an obligation to follow up and investigate any notification they receive and I would be a bit concerned if they didn't consider your beautiful girl worthy of their time.

I am so very pleased to hear that she has found a place of comfort, which is a real credit to you as her parents.

Warm regards, Sue

Suggest you call the dermatologist first thing this morning and ask that they provide you with a letter documenting that she has Alopecia which can result in total hair loss. If you have Internet access at home, pull up the NAAF website's info on Alopecia to show the CYF worker. They have to investigate, but if there's a reasonable explanation that should be it.
When your temper has cooled, definitely worth it to go to talk with the principal and her teachers to let them know about Alopecia. Spreading knowledge about Alopecia can help prevent this for others.

This world has become just too PC - agree with Sarah McDermott, get a good lawyer and talk to your daughters doctor about it all too. All the best - my heart has gone out to you all.

I'm so sorry. The school actually called CPS on us for a concussion my daughter got at school. It took me 7 years to get where your daughter is and not feel like I had to hide my allopecia. You guys are doing great. I am sure CPS will dismiss the case, but I would encourage the worker to help you find the rescources and avenues to educate others about allopecia. If the case isn't dropped, then get a lawyer. Think of this as a positive opportunity to help educate others, and not a negative reflection on you and your family.
I was so disgusted when I saw this that I just HAD to reply!
Go to your local hospital and get as many leaflets or handouts that you can in relation to all forms of alopecia. Give some to the official that comes to visit you and give a barrel full of the leaflets to the school, educate these fools!!!

Your child's welfare is more important as a visit like this can be extremely stressful for a child which could definitely aggravate her condition.
I would complain to the board of governors as the school should be totally ashamed of themselves.

All the best
Wow! Why would the school do this without first having a parent meeting with you. Once you supply doctor's notes and medical info that should be enough. The school should have offered counseling and had a program designed to educate teachers, parents, and students to raise Alopecia awareness. When they come the will just be investigating. They will ask you for doctors info and ask you when was her last physical. They also ask who lives in the home and come to see if its livable make sure you have food in the refrigerator. Once you explain her condition everything should be alright. I know every state is different. I'm not sure you can deny access without total police involvement. It was explained to me that when a case is report it goes to the police, the police send a social worker to determine if its a crime of child abuse. If you don't allow access the police step all the way in. I hope everything works out.

All I can think is WOW! My mouth dropped when I read this. I definitely think I'd get the documentation from the doctor and proof that shows you adressed this medical condition quite a while ago before they show up to meet with you. I don't know if I'd allow them to speak with the child before I spoke with them and made it clear that there are certain expectations while interviewing her. My concern would be that she might feel scared if she realized the situation, so a simple quick interview so the worker can see for themselves that she is getting emotional support at home should be sufficient as well as the documentation from the doctor.

If this thing were to go any further, I'd definitely contact a lawyer, and if things go any further than they should the media as Sarah has suggested could be a great ally to gain community support. I'd also speak with the school, and possibly the school board once you've had time to think things through and process it. Best of wished to you, this would be my worst nightmare.

I agree 100%. You shouldn't have any problems with CPS, just let them in, tell them what's up, and that should be it.

I'd be pissed too though.

Well. Do u have medical documents? I'm sure u do. I have alopecia. I am also a mom. And I am also dealing with and have delt with DCFS.

You need to let the person in to look around and talk to your daughter. So that they can disprove the allegations. Or else u will be indicated in the findings.

Have drs number and medical records ready. They will want to talk to her alone so let her know what's up before hand.

I'd go to the school and have a sit doe with the principle. Bring medical records give them a website to reference and tell them to google it. Also mention that in the future for things like this. You would hope that the school would have a better relationship with your family and be able to ask you as the parent questions. Instead of calling government authorities and causing stress on your family.

Then it will pass.
Hi jtucker4,
U have a huge law suit on your hands. There's two violations the school system imposed: 1).. Not contacting the parents first to inquire abt any complications the child may have. 2).. Defamation of character by calling CPS, implying u neglect or abuse your child.
Look into getting a good attorney. If not for yourself, then for the sake of your child.... Besides, here in America, the way we apologize, is with dollar signs.
Good Luck!!
"You won't need a lawyer unless its not unfounded."



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