hi all :) well i have only just been diagnosed with Chronic Diffuse Alopecia Areata yesterday after 3months of thinking it was FPB and im just wondering what other ppl use to treat it? i have just been told to bump up my regaine from 2% to 5% and restart elocon lotion as im in an active phase....any advice would be great as i fully researched FPB and am still to educate myself on my new diagnosis....

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At this time there is no cure for alopecia areata although many people have tried treatments and medications that they feel work. I'm sure they will come along with their views on this subject.

My daughter has had aa for the last 10 years and it has been terribly unpredictable with periods of regrowth and shedding going from AA through to AU. We have never used medications or treatments and it has done its thing anyway.

My only advise with regards to medications and treatments is to fully investigate them as sometimes like my daughter you will go into natural remissions, with many who sell treatments saying it is the treatment rather than remission. Think before you spend. :)

Good luck with your investigations.


Hi bek,

I've had diffuse AA for 6 years but just received an actual diagnosis from a dermatologist last week. I have an appointment in a few weeks for follow up to discuss treatment options. I have been using Rogaine 5% for the past two years and at first it helped but now I'm not so sure since I'm in an active phase. Cortisone shots together with Rogaine 5% did help me keep most of my eyebrows - but they still fall out in patches and I fill in with eyebrow pencils.

Rose Marie, I am wondering: how did you make the decision to never use medications or treatments for your daughter? Do you mind sharing this info?

Bekindtoearth: How is your doctor monitoring the side effects of oral prednisone? Are you concerned about them?

Look forward to your replies.



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