AFter a year, nearly to the date, of losing all my hair, head to toe, I have regrowth starting. I have tiny little eyelashes poking out of the rims of my vacant lids. I have a stealthy set of eyebrows coming back over my make-up tattooed ones. It is so exciting!! I am grateful beyond words and expression. I also have a slight fuzz all over my scalp; fuzzier in some areas, but apparently pretty consistent all over. I want to give hope to all of those new ones out there that good things can happen, things can change. I thought I might be one of those that never got there's back. And yes, it is early, but it's something.

:) Sally

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That's wonderful! Sounds very positive..

No question its an unpredictable disease. Fingers crossed!!

Awesome!! I hope it keeps up for you. I have been totally without any hair for 2 years (except for some stubborn underarm hair-haha) and doubt I will see regrowth. But I LOVE to celebrate with you and those with similar stories. Keep us posted about your regrowth. Blessings.

Wonderful news !!!
MayI ask if you tried any treatments either natural such as vitamins etc or mainstream medicine during that time? My 10yr old daughter has alopecia universals since 9 mths and she also starts to have little eyelashes and some eyebrow activity :-)..

Hi Sally, I have the same story happening at the moment in my life after 30 years without! Hair all over. Early days also but exciting too


I was always advised the biggest confirmation of regrowth is the coming back of eyebrows. I was always told that takes the strongest of hair follicles. So happy for you!

Wow....i just learned something brows have started....You made my weekend Willow

Sally, could you see your hair follicles in the eyebrow area before they came back? Were you on any meds?

Tremendous news Sally......My story is so strange.....lost all of it real fast and started with only 2 small areas.....Went universalis quick....Now one year this way...and guess what....tons of little hairs growing all over my head. some brows and no lashes yet....either way, I am fully accustomed to the looknow...

I think the greatest medicine for alopecia is confidence. I have always been a believer that once you let go of the fear, the only way is up. I was advised by a wise old owl, that once I let go all security blankets, hair may regrow. Enjoy your growth!

Great advice.



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