What are some makeup or general products you wish existed that would be amazing for alopecia? for me it’s a 3 in 1 eyebrow product  so that I don’t have to buy 3 products to get a natural look, and cool undertones!

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have you tried Mytwobrows.com?

They have waterproof tattoos that look super realistic.  I just ordered

I also have alopecia. I hated myself when I was little, but I realized my hair loss made me special over the years. Back then, I did not like my body, face, or mind. I neglected myself. Makeup became part of my life recently when I finally became confident and accepted my true self. For my nonexistent eyebrows, I use https://jonteblu.com/products/gift-jonteblu-lip-liner-pencil-nude. They have one eyebrow pencil, but I keep using it because of its natural effect and affordable price. Also, their lip liners have the perfect shade.

Are there any special cosmetics for people with alopecia?

Lancôme has a mascara for eyebrows. Really good if you have fuzz or white hairs. If no eyebrow hair of any kind, there are great glue on ones that look very natural and don’t fall off. Otherwise, get a quality eyebrow pencil and become your own eyebrow artist.

I got the permanent tattoo brows. They have lightened over the years but stil give me a line to follow with eyebrow pencil.

I would use long-lasting eyebrow pencils, with which you can create the effect of natural and thick eyebrows. Also, I think I would use a pencil or eyeliner, all this I buy at natashadenona.com , there are all my favorite cosmetic products. It seems to me that people who have alopecia become a bit of an artist over time, because they re-create their image, as if they were painting it. They try to maintain their former appearance and do everything for that, I think it's a lot of daily work. I hope you will take my recommendation and find something that will help you.

A natural effect eyebrow pencil!

I have dealt with hair loss since childhood. I have no brows and shedding hair from my head. I used to drink vitamins and fresh juices, but genetic. PRP injections are the only solution, and I did 10 sessions at VitalSkin Dermatology. Do not get too excited, cause this procedure improves 50%. So the hair will not grow entirely, but it's better than nothing. Best results are seen in the patient that combines PRP treatments with topical minoxidil and oral supplements. But the perfect is to consult your dermatologist, and so dome tests.

I wish something existed that helped me to grow my beard

I wish something existed that helped me to grow my beard. I am a barber, and I don't have a beard. I have made my education at https://www.nwcollege.edu/programs/advanced-aesthetics for this profession. I love making my clients the beard, and I have always wished to have one. Unfortunately, I don't have enough hair on my face, so it can grow normally or look aesthetically when it is grown. I have blank spots, and it makes my face ridiculously funny. I tried many beauty products to grow my beard, but nothing worked.

Super clean shaven face, every day for you. 
do you have hair on your head? If not, have you seen the photos of guys who get dots tattooed on their head. Looks good!



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