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This is my first post here on the site and I hope I'm doing it right. I've had AU for a year now and am still trying to find the perfect "cranial prosthesis". My wig now is so itchy and hot and uncomfortable! But I have a very limited budget. Has anyone ever had their wig paid for by insurance? What medical wig companies accept insurance? What is the most COMFORTABLE and NATURAL/realistic looking medical wig you've been able to find?

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I recommend a bonded-on human hair, full-lace system from HairDirect.com.
I have Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for insurance and with my plan they reimburse you up to $350 per year on a wig. I bought my mine in September or October of 2014 but still haven't received my reimbursement. My claim went back and forth until I finally contacted my states attorneys office. I should be getting a check in the mail any day now. My wig costs, after taxes, around $320 and I believe that everyone thought it was my real hair but it was uncomfortable so I barely wear it now. To start, I would say, call your insurance company and ask what they provide, then make sure you have the numbers and emails of people that can help you if your insurance company tries to fight your claim. I had a very positive experience going to a wig salon so when, crossing fingers, I get my reimbursement check I intend on going to another, however I'm not so sure I will try to put in another claim. It was very tedious, stressful, hurtful,... I didn't like the process at all.

Please read about this system!  


It is very expensive, but a true life saver!  Priceless really!  You can swim, shower, and do pretty much anything with it!  It is custom fit to you!  An amazing product! It can last over 2 years, if taken care of properly.  



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