I'm wondering what everyones' thoughts are on when we'll have a cure or effective treatment for this disease? Ever since Angela Christiano discovered the link between AA and RA, celiac disease, diabetes, etc., it seems as though new clinical trials for promising therapies are slow in coming. I know it takes a long time and a lot of money to fund these studies, but I'm curious as to when you think a breakthrough treatment will be found?

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I'm always hopeful that auto immune conditions will eventually be better understood (including alopecia). Once that is done we may find 'cures' or possibly be able to stop their onset.

At this time there is nothing definitive happening.


Have you heard about a link between a compromised gastrointestinal system and the link it may play with Alopecia? I have ran across a webpage that has supposedly has a system that is curing people with alopecia with a probiotic program along with diet. If I can find it I will copy the link and paste it to your blog so you can check it out.

Hi Ken

I would love that page to read through. From the reading I have been doing lately there does seem a very real correlation between 'leaky gut' and many auto immune diseases. My daughter also has Crohn's disease, so my reading hasn't just been about alopecia lately.


I will try to find the link on the article I read. It may take me a while but I will get it and post it for you

Immune Research Center it is a facebook page so it should be easy to find.

Thanks Ken. :)


No problem I found it interesting.

Thanks Masons mom. :)


Wow! Well not really.

"RLT therapy is intended to restore intestinal homeostasis; support epithelial cell function; curb systemic inflammation; and promote superior metabolic/cellular health to reverse autoimmune Alopecia Areata expression and possibly comorbid conditions."

New science?

"It is important to note that there is no way of knowing with absolute certainty whether or not this therapy will work for you, or how quickly it will work for you if it does."

Poke in the dark?

"Remember, my experience, along with the others presented, are unique and unrivaled in medical literature, and the theory we propose, while based squarely in sound, emerging science, is very much at the forefront of autoimmune research and understanding. Keep in mind however, that there is currently NO effective medical treatment available for Alopecia Areata. And all current medical treatments have potential side effects and risk – some quite substantial – unlike RLT therapy. So no matter how well or quickly RLT therapy may work, your health will benefit. Some of the tangential benefits you may likely experience from RLT are: improved weight, increased energy, improved mood, improved complexion and skin condition, improved gastrointestinal condition, and others."

I am a unique Alopecia sufferer ( pity me)
If it don't work. Well? It can make you feel better.

The bloke in the video ( founder) does not have AU.Look at his chin?

So you sign up for some mashed fruit and you pay 300 dollars for 60 days. Nice trial?

When you look for the cost it's buried in the FAQ'S

You know what your guaranteed? Depletion (like hair) of your.......money.

What is the origin and meaning of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

It's when a scammer goes on the grapevine, and says there is mashed fruit in a pot of gold (good for alopecia) at the end of the rainbow!

I think you could be right here. You made me laugh as well.




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