Hi :)
I know this sounds a little odd, I have alopecia areata, and a few years ago I decided to shave my remaining hair, which was the best decision I have ever made! But just lately, I have been receiving dermo-jet injections, and have noticed hair regrowth. I don't have a full head of hair, but I've been debating whether to let my hair grow out?
Has anyone else ever had this thought?


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No. I have had thoughts to just ignore whether my hair grows or not. But then I became really good with wearing wigs and using my remaining hair to give the appearance of a natural hairline when wearing wigs. I have shaved my head before, but it was to create a better environment for hair growth. When I see growth I am happy and accept it. You have to find out what works best for you. As India Arie's song goes, "I am not my hair" Take one day at a time...who knows....our thoughts can add or and subtract from our power and possibilities...your choice.

Even though I still had a hair "style" (or so my friends thought) I knew that the patches were getting worse and worse. I went to the dermatologist for a few months and had cortizone shots. They worked!!! ...and then another patch of hair would fall out... I hated the obsession with it. ..the hair in the sink- always searching my head for more bald spots-

So for now I just shaved it all off and I am back in my wigs- but this time with a lot of knowledge that I didnt have before. I feel better about myself . My hair continues to grow - in and out- but I cut it all off. Maybe if I see complete regrowth will I try to let it grow...I dont know...

The cortizone shots lefft my scalp "bumpy" ..has anyone ever experienced that? I wish I hadnt tried them but it was worth trying to save the hair that i thought had grown back for good

Yes Liz I do debate wheather I should cut it off or let it grown. I stil have hope that it will grow so I let it grow, than I start looking a mess and I cut it. Here what I think, let it grow and you will know if you should cut. When you get it cut believe me you are 100% sure you are doing the right thing. :-)

I think the feeling you are having about wheather to cut or not cut is the feeling of hope and what's wrong with that? Nothing. :-)

@aAural- I use to get shots and yes my head was dented in. LOL do not worry the dents will go away, it does takes time. I cut my hair very low now and it's a nice and lumpless head. :-)

Thanks! .. That makes me feel good!


Thank you!!
I think im just going to wait it out. My logic is, if I forget about it, I'll leave it :)
And I have a 'lumpy' head too atm from the shots! It will go away, don't worry :) x



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