I need help accepting my rapid balding.Help please. The feel of a wig is awful to me. I'm wanting to die!

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I'd imagine that seeing yourself differently in the mirror every day is extremely difficult. Try to find something to occupy yourself with and don't let your disease define you! 

Thank you. This is proving to be extremely challenging for me. I'm just not the happy go lucky person I was. I had thin hair but enough for me. Now I'm looking at my shiny scalp.I will be completely bald soon. I am isolating .

One of the worst parts of alopecia is the feeling of having something life-altering that isn't in your total control, but assuming some sense of power over your condition, even in the smallest sense can make a lot of difference. You can choose which, if any, treatments you'd like to try, my advice is to do research on finding the most alopecia-knowledgeable doctors and never, ever waste your time settling for one that doesn't take your condition seriously: if it's a big deal for you, then it's a big deal period. You can choose to shave your head or not. You can choose to wear a different kind of covering, get a tattoo, or go out uncovered. I know it totally sucks, and most of us relate to the grief, because hair loss is still a loss and it is healthy to let yourself feel your emotions, but that "i just wanna die!" feeling will not last forever. If you're comfortable, reaching out to others is also a healthy choice, and joining this site is a great example. Being sad is understandable, but the best remedy is to focus and experiment with what you CAN do. 

Hi. Thank you for response. I do not have type that can be helped as its Androgenic. I do wish I could find a wig I liked that I feel pretty in. I'm sure that's possible. I've been buying on line. Don't like either wig. I look so foreign. Don't know what to buy next. Summer is coming and I'm afraid. I feel I look like a freak in wig. I get positive feedback I guess it's just me. I don't want to die anymore ( I think) I'd like to find suitable synthetic. I don't have anything on my radar at moment

Getting use to a wig is difficult.  I would scream and cry when I first started wearing mine.  I couldn't stand the feeling.  It took a few weeks, but it doesn't bother me as much anymore.  I think acceptance is just part of the process.  Wishing you all the love and luck in the world.

Thank you Cheyenne.... Acceptance is key. Working on it a day at a time. Am amazed how many people don't notice. It's great. I'm having trouble facing ones who do. An aquaintance said " you look really different."

Acceptance will come with time.  The level of acceptance you get to depends on how you decide to open yourself up to it.  Some people get so amazingly brave, they walk around bald and completely embrace it.  I have found acceptance, but mine is different.  I like my wig and it makes me feel better about myself.  I like wearing make up and had my eyebrows tattooed. You have to work on loving the way you look now, however you decide that is going to be!

Well I need to find a wig I like and also adjust to wearing in the summer heat. This causes me much anxiety....,



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