Has anyone gone through this treatment? I start next week, and I am a little concerned. I have been getting cortisone injections for close to a year with mixed results. The hair is growing back, however, new hair keeps falling out around it. So I have this strange doughnut shaped regrowth pattern on my head.

Anyway, my dermatologist suggested I try this and I wanted some opinions.

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I have AU and was on this treatment for 12+ years.
The way I sum it up is this: itchy, ouchy, okay.
After treatment;
First your head will feel itchy; very itchy (and if it is especially hot out and your [covered] scalp sweats, crazy burning insane itchy).
Second it will be sore and sensitive like a sunburn.
Third it will be okay. Ahhhh.

This treatment did work on and off, for the most part.
But I wish I would have known way back then what I know now; I was low on iron.
I was always on the anemic side, but it was NEVER mentioned to me that a low iron level could attribute to hair loss.
I now take 600mg of ferrous gluconate twice a day and my hair has been growing back steadily, and firmly planted.

Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me exactly what DNCB treatment is? It has been a few years since I went to the Dermatologist, and I'm not familiar. Is it like the shots? I did do those a few years ago. with about the same experience. Some new growth, but new patches of loss as well. I started thinking that it was as if the shots were just 'chasing' the alopecia around. lol I continued anyway (because there really wasn't any other options at that point) and, unfortunately, I had the side effect that most doctors warn about, nothing terrible... but, my tissue collapsed. I had no idea what they meant, really. "How thick can the scalp be?" I thought to myself. Well, it's pretty darn thick apparently. The upper right side of my scalp sunk in enough that I could lay all four fingers in it and fill it pretty perfectly. I remember saying to my Mother....Yep, that's enough of that! I may be going bald...but I don't want to be bald with a deformed head too! The good thing is, it is temporary. The tissue did 'plump' back up over the next few months and all is well. Thank goodness! Because I am completely bald now, but have been told that I have a beautifully shaped head. This may be due to the fact there aren't an abundance of compliments to give a bald person??? But, at least the shots didn't rule that one out! I didn't think there was much to do now...but you've got my curiosity going. Sorry for rambling on..... :) thanks!

It is a percentage (approx. anywhere from 0.001 -3%) of Diphencyprone in Acetone solution which is applied via Q-tip to the scalp.
The procedure itself is painless, the after effects, well, read my post above. ;)



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