Many people wear hairpieces for many different reasons.  Such as to blend in, stand out, perhaps you are the type to who prior to alopecia, always went to the salon or enjoyed doing your hair.

What are your reasons for wearing or even not wearing a wig?

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no wig.... I wore a wig for 30 years, and decided 6 years ago to never wear one again, and I love it... the wig was itchy warm and made me feel claustrophobic. I do have a new problem though... my husband didn't care, he wanted me to be me however I felt comfortable, but... I lost my husband, of 36 years,18 months ago in a fatal car accident, and my mother and mother-in-law want me to wear a wig again.... I definitely do not want to, but it hurts that they make these comments. Why are we still labeled and judged... I am fine with alopecia, I am great with no wig, why do I need to wear a wig for the outside world? It is so free and liberating for me to not wear the wig... My response and venting for a bit. Thank you for this site!

I do for a few reasons. I like the option to wear different styles and colors. I don't want to answer a thousand questions about my hair. I'm not ready to show the world my real hair just yet. I always think how brave and strong the women are, who choose to how their bare head!

I wear scarfs because it is more comfortable and affordable than a wig. I would like to just go bald but i find it very scary after almost 8 years wearing them infront of everyone. I had a wig in my teenage years and decided that it was too mich work and  that i wanted to put my money on other things. 



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