Hi all,

This is my first post, please go easy.

I'm 31 years old, and I first noticed a bald patch in Jan 2014 and at first I ignored it thinking noting of it - until it got bigger! At first is was 4cm x 4cm, but it soon got to about 8cm x 10cm. Now, I still haven't seen a derm, but I have seen my GP and she diagnosed AA, I've now decided to go private and see a derm. My doctor initially prescribed a 1% steroid cream and I combined this with minoxidil, all whilst I awaited my bloods (came back normal). However, the patch continued to grow bigger (to 8x10). So I went back to my GP who prescribed dermovate, I used this for about 3 weeks and then stopped, my hair has started to grow back (although blonde), and this has made me happy! :-)

However, last week I spoke to a British Skin Foundation employee about my AA, and when he heard my age was shocked. With this, it made me concerned again, as we all know, Alo plays havoc with our mental health - it did mine, and I just make things worse in my head! Does age play a major factor in Alo or can you be any age? The BSF employee seemed to think it only happened when you were young, this is my first time with AA? Am I thinking too much into this and over reacting about nothing? With my AA, because I never seem to have any illnesses, I keep seeking some other reason for my patch... Again, do you guys think I'm being silly, and does it even matter about my age?


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No, age doesn't matter. I'm 52 and my AA started about 2 1/2 years ago. I just shaved my head on August 14. Fortunately my eyebrows have been coming back but not without a lot of effort. Steroid injection, rogaine and Latisse. Good luck.
Thanks for replying MJ, and for easing my concern. I was mulling over, what else could cause AA - my mind came up with all sorts of crazy, and all because I thought my age was an underlying factor.

Thanks for the luck, and best wishes on your journey too.


I noticed you said you were using Rogaine.  Did that help with the growth of your eyebrows.  Mine have all about fallen out and if there is something that I can do to regrow, that would be great. 

My Derm told me that any hair I lost would not grow back, so I never tried Rogaine. 



Hey Ellen, your comment was probably for MJ, but when I used Regaine (UK version), I don't actually think it helped.  But, I do think it adds to the placebo effect in helping with how you think about your Alo - it did for me.

I'm 31 too and mine showed up earlier this year. Fun little surprise. :/ I hope your spot grows in soon. It's good that it's coming back blonde. That usually is the precursor to normal hair.

Hey Katniss, it's a great little surprise isn't it! :-/

Luckily, my hair in the past few weeks has had a massive growth spurt and my hair is coming back thicker and faster.  It's also changing colour!  People can still tell I have 'had something' as its a prominent patch of blonde hair on the back of my head.  At first people thought I'd had a 'shock' or operation - until I told them it was AA, now however, people are not asking as it's not standing out.

I'm not putting my re-growth down to any medicinal reasons, I put it down to actively de-stressing myself with the aid of steroid lotion.

I hope you have some good news too!


U dont have other illnesses because your immune system is OVERactive. U are experiencing an overproduction of what are called cytokines, which are key factors in determining genetic code. I am currently working with researchers to whom ive submitted my dna. I am patiently awaiting the opportunity to be a part of a trial for one of two new medicines that has had great success rates thus far. But...it could be a year..two, who knows? U may want to look into ruxolitinib or tofacitinib citrate, just for your own curiosity. Btw, a little background - I am 37. Had a couple of fairly bad bouts of alopecia when I was younger, but no one for the most part could tell I had it. Then, enter breast reduction surgery. I had anesthesia and within months all of my hair fell out. I do believe there are connections to that with an already compromised immune system. Anyhow...good luck with your journey...

Hi Kat,  I a, Shalinee, I live in Durban South Africa.  I've had AA since I was a little kid.  I've been told that I have an auto immune problem hence the hairloss.  I am interested in the research you are currently participating in.  I am also very curious to 'get to the bottom' of AA as there is no family history.  If possible, please forward details.  Thank you

The blond hair will turn back to the normal color providing it stays. Good luck! Tim

Hello A!

I'm sorry to read about your diagnosis of AA. I know that age doesn't matter. There are some who have had AA and have had it all their lives, having never known what it would be like to have hair. As you do your research you will find this to be true. I was 28 when I first noticed 2 quarter sized spots. Three years after that, I was completely clean on my head. The doctor's tried everything they knew to do at that time in dermatological medicine.  Nothing prevailed over the AA.  By the time I was 35, my hair grew back more healthier and beautiful than before. I cut and colored and really enjoyed having my hair back again. By the time I was 45, I went to the beach, came home and shampooed my hair in the shower. My hair came out by the handfuls, without any pain. It was all gone again. My hairdresser and I both cried. Today, I am hairless all over my body. The medical terminology is; Alopecia Universalis.  The difference is, I am happy that this is not a life threatening disease. I'm grateful for wigs, when I feel like wearing them It's fun. I'm good when I don't wear a wig.  I am confident within myself that it doesn't matter if I look different.  Now, for a male with AA. I find bald men to be sexy.

I hope that you can be at peace knowing that your hair doesn't define who you are from the inside out.

Wishing you every good thing that you may need to get through this.

Your friend ~


I am 83 and have had my eyebrows tattooed on.  Hurrah.  FB

I also have Alopecia (AA). I was diagnosed early this year.  After seeing the Derm ( See only D.O. doctors....they see your body as a whole and look more in detail to food and enviroment) and a D.O. Doctor, I had blood work done that looks for things like Lupus and other Autoimune dieases per their concerns. I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue disease in June of this year after undergoing many tests and reviewing my medical history. it was not a good out come for me but it is good to know exactly what is going on so you can address it!

 I would make that your next mission. Look at Autoimune diseases. Eat More veggies and fruits and less animal protiens. I have a topical steroid solution that I use perscribed by my doctor. I lost half of my beautiful hair and was completely squeeky bald on the ENTIRE left side of my head. Then I started losing it on the Right side. I now see a Rehumatologist (D.O.)

After intense food changes to my diet and medication i can honestly say I am not wearing wigs anylonger (although they were really fun)! I have LOTS of new growth although i am still finding new areas of hair loss. they are much smaller and the steroid topical treatment helps when I get a hot spot. I know where I am going to lose hair next by the way my head feels in areas. I would call it hot and itchy i guess. that is the best i can discribe it. Maybe a little painful too. Good luck I wish you the best!



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