I had my visit with Dr. Shapiro last week, I had such high hopes since he seemed to be very qualified based on his website - http://www.med.nyu.edu/biosketch/shapij06


He kept me waiting for 70 minutes, then had his assistant take my history. I heard her in the hallway telling him word for word what I said one minute later (which was a strange way to conduct an appointment, don't you think?). Then he came in and said something like "well since you have already stated you won't do cortisone injections then best of luck to you" and shook my hand and tried to leave!! I said that my dermatologist told me five months ago about the injections, predisone and chemical burns options that I had done a lot of research about and decided not to take the risks. I said I thought he would know something different since he was an expert and he made some very rude comments about how people like me who are unwilling to do the work shouldn't expect magic results.

He wouldn't even discuss with me what may have caused my alopecia in the first place. He couldn't get me out of his office fast enough once he found out he wouldn't be able to inflict pain upon me and get the money for a ton of office visits.

I just don't want to do those treatments that can cause pain and permanent scarring for a 25% chance of growing some hair (and probably an amount of hair that would still need to be covered up with a wig). You would think a specialist in this field would have just a little bit of compassion for what his patients are going thru. Worst bedside manner I have ever encountered.

I am writing this to hopefully save someone else the waste of time and money going to see him. Or if you really want to try him out, then at least go into the appointment prepared for his personality.

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Kara: So, so sorry you had this experience. Although my experience with Dr. Shapiro has only been second hand, I have heard just awful things about his "bedside manner." It sounds as if you are handling things in stride, and I wish you the best. I am from Washington State, but will be in New York in a few weeks if you'd like to get together with some friends and I who have alopecia. We're meeting for a gala event hosted by NAAF. Contact me by my personal page if you'd like. Good luck with everything.

Thanks, I saw an acupuncturist who did Chinese Medicine, but haven't seen a regular naturopath yet. I really want to.

Did your hair grow back but underneath the hair you had a blistery scalp? Was it a full head of hair? Do you have photos? I think at this point I am too far gone (heading towards universalis) but if I had started in the beginning it may have had a chance of working. At least that is what my dermatologist said...

Did your eyelashes/eyebrows return?

I am glad to read this one, as I just called his office and tried to make an appointment.
Assistant called me back saying that he doesn't take any insurance and his first consultation fee would be $860 without any treatment.
I thought I would pay for that much money if he is so good... but now I read this, I have to rethink..
Who would be the best doctor in NY?

So glad you posted this.  So sorry for your terrible experience. What a pompass ass. My dermatologist gave me a hard time too and sorta bullied me into trying shots.  So I tried two treatments of cortizone shots, but that was all I was willing to subject my body to as my acupunturist said it was hard on the liver.  My thinking is that topicals and shots are just a temporary fix anyway.  The problem seems to be with our confused immune systems, so I am imagining what we eat or lack of will play the biggest role. 



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