Hi there,

Finding out by reading this board that a lot more is known and discussed than when I was diagnosed.

Was wondering about eczema and alopecia.... I used to get this really, really bad on my lotion regimine. My dermo stated it was common in AA patients.

Anyone else run into this? Find anything that helped?

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My daughter has had bad bouts of psoriasis. Her dermatologist prescribed sun lamp treatments, and it helped to clear it up. We went to a local hospital for the treatments.

Always had eczema, got horrible once developed AU. Regimine is using clabetosol cream for severe breakouts otherwise vanicream soap on body and face. Lotion up with watered down Vaseline, vanicream or coconut oil on body and vanicream on face, Vaseline at night. Keeps irritation to a low but key to keep eczema at bay at all times is being gluten free.

Sarah, I think I saw another post from you about using glue instead of tape, in my business I have found that people who are sensitive to tape are more sensitive to glue so be sure to test in a sensitive area before using.
Also, I am wondering whether all the cream you need for the eczema would cause a gripper to slip. We always try to get the scalp free of oils before using any bonding product and the silicone is similar to the PU used in bonding.

Thanks for the advise - I'll check out Vanicream and some of the other suggestions

I used to get it really bad on my hands - crack, peel, bleed, etc... had to wear mittens soaked in... some sort of mom stuff....

Didn't realize gluten free helped...

Have had it on my hand for a long time. What I think is great, and makes it to where I hardly ever use the steroid cream, is O'Keefe's working hands. it's almost a solid cake. Use a little at night and it's like having new skin in the morning.

I've recommended to patients (I'm a nurse) and they all rave about it.Easy to find online, drugstores, Lowes, Bd Bath, etc

Have you ever tried Renew from Melalueca??? Please contact me I have some I could send to you to try it out.

Hi TallGuy

Hope you are well.I just saw this discussion.These are all auto immune conditions,we need to look at our diets and cure the underlying conditions. Inflamation and enviromental toxins.



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