Hi all, so glad to have found this forum. :)

This is my first post, so I want to give a little background info on myself. My name is Laura, I'm 23 years old and have been dealing with supposed androgenetic alopecia since I was 11 years old (when I hit puberty). My hair has continued to thin since then and for the past 4-5 months I've been wearing a wig. Buying a wig was a really, REALLY difficult decision for me. I was practically bald when I bought my wig - it had gotten to the point where the only way to conceal my scalp was with nearly half a bottle of Toppik. When I put my hair in a pony tail was/is probably half the size of my pinky finger. It was extremely embarrassing, but I found the concept of suddenly wearing a wig to be just as embarrassing.

I cried multiple times during wig consultations before I finally stopping moping around and bought my first. It's a nice Estetica human hair wig, but I've been having some major issues... most likely because I'm still sort of in denial and know nothing about wigs. I hate the fact that everyone I know clearly is aware that I wear a wig. I really want a new wig but am worried about the sudden change in wigs... I really don't want a single person to comment on it. 

I am in a relationship and he was with me when I was practically bald, and he's with me now that I wear a wig. It makes me uncomfortable that he never comments on it so I don't really feel comfortable taking it off in front of him... not sure why. I'm still so new to this whole wig thing. I just wish I knew ONE other person that wore a wig...

ANYWAYS, I bought my wig at an awful, overpriced wig shop. The lady put 3 clips in, clipped them in to my nearly nonexistent hair, and sent me on my way. If I place my hand on my scalp it slips every which way. My hair seems too thin for the clips to really grab it. This is okay if I'm not moving... but seriously... I'm constantly worried about it falling off. That would be an absolute nightmare for me. I also hate the thought of never swimming again. I can't wear my hair up at the gym because when I put it up, it pulls and makes the wig slip back off my scalp. It's MISERABLE. Oh, and lets not even talk about how it holds up in the bedroom...  

I just want to be normal. I just want to go to an amusement park and not worry about my wig flying off. I want to go swimming without looking bald or covered in some sort of hair net. I want to go to the gym and be able to put my hair up. I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY readjusting/pulling up my wig. 

Can anyone offer me some advice on helping my wig stay put? I don't use wig caps because when I've used them in the past, they slip off just as easily if not moreso than just a wig. If my wig would stay put, I feel like my confidence would skyrocket.

Thanks so much for reading!! :)

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You can attach wig with wig tape or adhesives. Hair direct

I can highly recommend https://dresslily.com particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

Please see the videos at www.wigsbypattispearls.com Patti shows you how to out a wig on over your own hair, how to wash them, how to exercise in them, basically everything we need to know.

I would also suggest you inform yourself and get support for your specific concerns at www.wigsupport.com these ladies all wear wigs and are experts they can tell you what coping strategies they use in their day to day life wearing wigs. The concerns you have our totally valid and most of ya that wear wigs have experienced exactly what you are feeling right now.

I think these 2 websites should be a me to give practical advice you can use to relieve your situation

Good luck
first of all I am soo sorry you feel so uncomfortable but I get it I've been there and it does feel super uncomfortable from
going to having thin/thinning hair to having a full head of 'hair' all of a sudden, like someone else mentioned you can use wig tape or glue to stick you're wig on. You can also go in to an African American beauty shop and ask them to see you're wig on which is what I do but you have to get it unstiched every month and depending on the quality of hair but it every month or rewash it. For swimming there are vacuum wigs that you can try. As for being uncomfortable around you're partner my suggestion is to talk to him, trust me I've had all that can happen with a wig happen to me while we were in the bedroom and the best advice I can give you is to laugh it off that's what I did and I can not tell you how supportive my bf was after that see he was comfortable with approaching me abt this topic since he did not want to embarrass me but me having a sense of humor made things easier for both of us. Hang in there it gets better I promise plus after wearing wigs for almost five years now I can tell u I feel a little naked with out mine it's like my best friend is missing when I don't have my hair with me lol
Hi Laura, I,ve had alopecia when I was 9 now 31 and I went through sooo many wigs that I lost count but I found a really good one try googling silk top wigs I order mine from this site Ali express they have free shipping . I usually go for a full lace silk top remy hair that's the most natural one they sell . Once you get it you can cut the lace to your desire and also sew it in the back to make it in a cap so it feels like it has a grip and it's not going to fall off and you can use eye lash glue or wig tape also to stick it on . It's your wig and you will feel confident when you wear a silk top or else money back guarantee.

Thank you for the web site!  I found so many cute ones and will be ordering from them.  I never pulled this name when I searched on the web for wigs.

Dear Laura

I understand how you must feel.  I have aloepecia areata and I grew up around a mother who is a haircolorist and haircutter.

When I decided I didnt want to walk around bald I did my own research and came across Peggy Knight and her website. I got my first human hair wig from her company arund 4 years ago. It was so comfortable and actually was a vaccum piece so it never did come off until you chse t take it off.  In any event if you go to her website or look up peggy knight you wil discver the Follea line of wigs including the gripper.   I have noot got this one yet but its on my dream list and couple of months away.

Yu will be able todo many things with this versatile wig and feel real confident wearing it.  The only thing that has kept me form owning 3 of them is that they are around 2500 to 3000 each but for me thats the ultimate goal as you should get good lifespan.  Presnetly I wear a racquel welch wig that my mom was confident a man couldwear it and she personally cut it for me.

In fact my first piece from peggy knight a human hair wig was cut by a NYC salon twice and than my mom actually did the third cut but it came out great so I encourage that you could do the same.  good luck and know that you will like it.

the piece ihave now is chocolate copper and kanekalon but is $200 and i deal with the same thing as you so I am trying to get up the dollars to get the gripper from follea . 

good luck and write to me anytime


long island ny

Hi!  I'm a huge fan of wigs; they changed my outlook and my life, so I am motivated to help you.  I keep my wigs in place witth a wig clip right in the front attached to similarly non-existent hair  and a thin strip of wig tape at the nape. The wig clip I use in the front is very small, so it grabs my thin hair, but it does not seem to pull at all.  I don't even feel it. My wig stays on very well.  When I'm wearing it, I pull on and off ski hats, wear head phones, etc., and I don't really have any problems. I go sailing in the Virgin Islands for weeks in the summer and I take my wigs with me.   Everything I did on the sand and surf, my wig did: Snorkeling, swimming, sunning, hiking, sailing, dining, dancing...  I have photos on my profile page of all of it.  And as far as intimate moments go, my wig totally keeps up,  I have never had an embarassing moment becasuse of my wig. I'm a little surprised your wig is so loose that it slides off. The secret may be that I have strip of wig tape at the nape.  What sort of cap construction does your wig have?  What is  the name of the wig?  I'd like to help.  As far as the boyfriend goes, he probably has no idea what to say. In my experience,  when a guy senses tension or anxiety over something his girl friend is dealing with, he's sure whatever he says will be wrong, so he clams up and waits for the "all clear" signal.  When you are happy and confident in your wig, you will look great, feel a lot less stress, and he won't need to protect himself with silence.(BTW, that piece of wisdom is thanks to my extensive armchair psychologist training.  No charge.) I also agree with debs, Pattis Pearls is a great web site.  Because she is a bit older than you and really focused on cancer survivors, at 23 you may think the site doesn't have anything for you, but watch some of the videos; they have good basic information in them.     :-)   

Hi Laura.. My grandson has alopecia totalis.. He has a vacuum sealed wig.. His was donated by locks of love.. He hasn't worn it yet.. As a teen boy it's been hard for him.. But this wig is secure.. He can swim, shower, play sports and it will not come off.. He just needs it cut into a guy style but because he doesn't have eyebrows he feels embarrassed and won't go to the salon.. But that is your best bet.. They are pricey I'm sure.. But it's worth the confidence.. Good luck.. And feel free to reply.. My grandson needs friends who understand.. Good luck..

Check out Beauti-Full-Brows.  They are soooo reasonable and actually are temporary tattoos.  They last two or three days and look very natural.  I ordered one set and they weren't quite what I like so I re-ordered as they are so reasonable, I could do so!  I really don't think anyone can tell I'm wearing fake brows.  Also, a few years ago, I had my eyebrows tattooed by a nurse who used cosmetic dyes.  I was so happy with it and would do it again if it weren't for the $500 I've been quoted.  I don't know if your grandson would even be a candidate at his age but the temporary ones will work until then!

Stella, I have had AU for the last 5.5 years and have gone through many types of brows - Beauti-Full brows, powder, sealer etc and tons of eyeliners. I just finally got tattoos of the eyebrows and the eyeliner. I am thrilled and relieved!!! I am finally not worried about the drawn on eyebrows rubbing off. And the lady did an amazing job! I was so scared to do the brows until I saw this lady's job on someone. With most other jobs I saw they look like they have been hastily drawn by a thick permanent marker, but these are very natural-looking. Where are you located? The lady is in NY and she is not expensive. You can send me a message if you need the info

The eyeliner looks great, too, very subtle. So I feel like I got my face back :)

I also had eyebrows and eyeliner tatoo a while ago and was so glad I did that.  it was at least 5 years ago now.  they are starting to fade.  I think now the new way is to do the eyebrows with brush lines that look even more realistic.  I am thinking of having mine redone that way.  I am only hesitant because it was very painful and I had a longer downtime than expected but more with eyeliner.

I live in the Boston area and that is where I got mine done.  But I am glad I did.  I have had AU for years now.



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