I was just diagnosed with alopecia areata a few months ago. since, I have lost one of my eyebrows COMPLETELY. what do you guys use? Any eyebrow wigs or products that you recommend? especially with bathing suit season rearing its head around the corner, I want to make sure I have something that isn't too difficult and more bang for my buck in applying. I keep drawing in my eyebrows and they look different every day. any ideas? any input or suggestions would really be appreciated, thank you!

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Hi.   I used a template to draw on my eyebrows (you can get little kits that instead of a pencil they have a powder and brush) then I used stick on eyebrows and now I've got tattooed eyebrows.  Stick on eyebrows are not going to handle going swimming and they are an expensive alternative.  Stick on eyebrows look pretty real after you get the hang of putting them on.  Stick ons can be worn 24/7 for a few days and can handle a little water in the shower.  If you do get stick on ones you have to use a special remover solution to make sure you dissolve any remaining glue or else you will pull out any hair that might be growing back.  I would only recommend tattooed eyebrows if yours aren't going to grow back.  Mine aren't going to growing back so tattoos are the best choice for me.  Tip: if drawing them on go for a pencil that you can sharpen super pointy and that the 'lead' isn't too soft.  If I want a little extra colour in my tattoos I use a rimmel eyebrow pencil as it is quite firm. Oh nearly forgot there are also these temporary tattoos which you can get but I never tried them, I think they are more like a sticker.  Hope this helps.   

I buy my eyebrown from www.newlacecu.com the best i meet ...totally undetectable.

Permanent make up or a good tatoo artist is the best !

I'm in the male category but I'll impart a solution which is a combo I did. I got my skin membrane eyebrow wigs but was slightly unhappy with the way they looked at the sides so I got a semi permanent micro blading at each side of each eyebrows which optically blended and covered the sides (1 inch) thus giving a much more natural eyebrow start and finish and secured a more 3D illusion. They are now sadly faded but I intend to get the tattoos done again once I've replenished the finances.

Microblade tatooing is VERY natural looking.  I had both my eyebrows done a couple of years ago and have been very happy with them!

I recommend micro-blading. I used glue-on eyebrows or drew them on before I heard of the process. I spend a lot of time outdoors (horseback riding or gardening) and the glue-on brows wouldn't stick if it was hot and I've rubbed off the drawn on ones by mistake if I was sweating. Since I the micro-blading was done, I never give my brows a second thought; love it! 



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