My AT has now progressed to AU and I was wondering if someone can recommend:

1) The best waterproof eyebrow pencil (or maybe I should try eyeliner?) to draw on my eyebrows. I find that the Sephora brand waterproof pencil rubs off during the day and I'm not ready to make the leap and buy false eyebrows from headcovers yet.

2) Best false eyelashes for everyday wear. I've bought the Ardell brand at Wal-Mart, but I find that they are only good for one time use, and at $4 per day that will add up quickly. Maybe I don't clean them properly for continuous use? How often should I be changing the falsies? I find that after I wash them, the eyelashes clump together and are not re-usable.

Any recommendations would be a great help! Thank you!

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i think you should just draw them in. If the tattoo is not completely faded it gan give you a guideline. Also, have you tried using liquid eyeliner? I find that it hides the appearance of nothaving eyelashes. Liquid eyeliner and a light colored eyeshadow.
Check this out eyebrow/lash
eye lash tutorial: http://peggyknight.com/index.php?option=com_content&id=1003
eye lash video is on your you tube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOx5XSF7psA&feature=youtu.be

I remember one day when I penciled my eye brows and went out for the day.  At lunch time, I looked in the mirror and saw that I was starting to grow new eye brows and had a double row of brows.    All I needed in this case was to wash my make up off.   Thank God I did not have my eye brows tattooed because I would have then needed a razor to shave off the new brows that were fine just as they were.   

For eyebrows, I use anastasia brow powder from sephora blending 3 colors then cover with she laq from sephora. I am going to get them tatoo'ed though- have been interviewing people as I want to be able to swim etc with my kids.

For my eyelashes I use Ardell 110 or andrea 21 I think and pay around 2.75/pair from http://madamemadeline.com/online_shoppe/index.asp they have 15% off coupons a lot too. I spray them with rubbing alcohol after taking them off which makes the duo glue (black) come off easily. I can wear them 2-5 times. As a base i use either Pur gel liner or FLuidline by Mac. Then I put brown powder below that on lower lids to give illusion of shadow then i use a liquid black eyeliner to draw light "hairs" on the bottom row which straight, on, appear as follicles or small lashes.
Please go to www.stampmefabulous.com My friends that are using this product LOVE IT!
For eyelashes. You can shorten them slightly-this often makes them fit your eye lid better. And curve them ahead of time, to get them more the shape of an eyelid.

I wear them all the time, have done for 25 years, and I really try to make them last many wearings-I sometimes have a "better" pair-still in great shape-for going out and an every day pair that have become a little ragged but still okay with good eyeliner.

Of course you can't wear them when squishing your face down, such as chiropractic adjustments, massage sessions. Crying at weddings is also not so good for them.Getting wet is not good for them at all.
I use Mac eyebrow pencils, and have ever since I lost my eyebrows... They're amazing! In the 6 years I've used them, I've probably had maybe ten questions ever! I generally draw them on every morning, but if I don't wash them off the night before then they're usually fine the next morning. Although they're not advertised to be waterproof, the really are! For example, I had a soccer game in the pouring rain today and they were totally fine by the end of it. Also, I was in Greece this summer, where, let's face it, you sweat a lot. My eyebrows didn't come off at all! I was so impressed and I would definitely recommend them!

As for eyelashes, I used to use Ardell lashes until mine amazingly grew back! I had a different experience from you, though, because mine would usually last at least a week. I always found them pretty comfortable, so I would just sleep in them and they would easily last a week.

Hope this helps :)
HI Everyone,
100% you have to get Headcovers eyebrows. I have had mine on since August (I have AU) and it has helped me get up each morning. I do not have to touch them, I sleep, swim, gym everything in them!
All my pics are with the brows... totally affordable and mentally, it helps. If you want advice on which ones or how to apply, let me know!
Hi everyone,
So I have used Headcovers eyebrows for more than three years . it get me confidence and more people can not identify that my eyebrows are fake! but I am not sure can swimming with them or not?
Unfortunatly , at recent year (2011) the quality of Headcovers adhesive got reduced . but there is still best option for me.
Yes of course you can swim with them! I do! I agree the glue isn't the best but it works...
Some people use a gue from nu-brow,com-they think it works better

Pat my wife has her eyebrows tattooed on and eyeliner as well as for lashes she tried the glued one but gave up on them. Pat gets her wigs customed made in China and they are very well priced.



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