I have AU since January 2016. Was looking into the false/fake eyebrows, anybody have input on positive/negative aspects of them? I feel that it really alters appearance w/ out eyebrows. So depressing, I never thought i would be shopping on line for this. Does the feeling of hopelessness ever get better?

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Microblading does look good, but really doesn't last but a year or so; gets costly to maintain.  Microblading can not be done over perm makeup.  And I suggested pomades so OP can try different eyebrow looks to see if they even like them, shape, color, etc.

I understand $400 (that's how much I paid) isn't cheap and how some may not be able to afford it. I've only had mine since December, so they're still looking good. The lady who did mine said it should last up to 3 years, so we'll wait and see if it lasts that long. 

I just had my brows microbladed last week, went back two days later to have liner tattooed on my upper and lower lids. I highly recommend it, what a self esteem booster!  I feel so much better about myself.  Get up in the morning and don't have to worry about fighting to line my bare lids with liner and drawing on brows, put the wig on and I'm ready!  I've read all the previous posts talking about it hurting, the woman that did mine was amazing, the only pain I felt was stinging and that was about 2 hours after I had everything done and the numbness was wearing off.  

I actually fell asleep after she put on the numbing stuff lol
I actually fell asleep after she put on the numbing stuff lol

I got used to drawing my eyebrows with a eye brow pencil.     I took preference to it because I can use any color I want.   Up until a few years ago, I could get make up pencils for one dollar each at Walmart and then they quit selling them and it got hard to find any good ones.   I also had a hard time finding any in grey and this is the color I need.    It would be nice if there was an affordable source of eyebrow pencils for those of use who really need them.   



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