how manyt of you wear fake eyelashes? can you tell that they are fake? and do you they stay on really good to wear you could go swimming in the ocean or something with them on? cause i know you guys are experts on this stuff and ive been thinking about trying them.

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I wear them- every day! I think they look *OK*. My natural eyelashes were really great so I had to step down the fake ones so it didnt look super-fake so they are disappointing to me in that regard- not remotely as nice as my own. Also I do not wear bottom lashes- never got around to it and I do a gel liner, then a little brown eyeshadow and then dot a soft black liguid liner on top of it to resemble follicle on the bottom. Again, I dont fool myself but I will say that people I have told almost refuse to believe I dont have lashes. They think these are mine. They cannot get over that they are all drawn or glued on. So, overall, I really miss my lashes but I am getting by. Its a million times better than without any.

As for swimming, no way. Even my eyes watering cause my lashes to come off. I dont think any will stay on for swimming. My plan for an upcoming cruise is to put on all liners like I do for the bottom then apply she laq sealer from Sephora.
go to the mac makeup store they have some good natural looking and light eyelashes ..and i wouldnt advise you to go swimming in them and also always take glue with you at all times because sometimes you need to put extra glue on the edges as they come off through out the say ..good luck girl!
Aileen, I'd aim for right in the middle. Too close to the eye and your eyes will likely water. It takes some practice to get the right angle. I have no lashes and I wear them everyday- have to!
I wear them everyday! And when we go out, I wear the biggest thickest ones!!! I love them!!! As soon as i get home, i rip them off though...they get irritating
I get mine from target, i wear them like 3 times before i throw them away. I wear them at the beach, i dont go in the water anyways... It does take getting used to, but once you get the hnag of it, it only takes a few seconds. I put them as close the my eye as poosible, right on the rim. I get compliments on my lashes all the time! :)



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