I shaved my head a few months ago but only sport my bald head at home... I usually prefer wearing a beanie but will wear a wig maybe about once a week, more specifically only for when I go out with friends. Idk why but with summer coming around I feel like a bit of sun will do my scalp some good and taking the leap to go out without anything on will be that much more freeing. Interested in reading about my fellow alopecians and their stories about the first time they actually went out in public without wearing a wig or hat if anyone is willing to share! :]

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When I first went out in public bald,I was released from the hospital after a three month stay(long story),I felt free and happy. I had planned on cutting off my dreadlocks(which I had for eight years),but Alopecia and an unknown illness beat me to the punch. LOL. It's been a year now,and I proudly show off my bald head with confidence.

That's so awesome having that confidence, way to go :] Thank you for sharing!

I just looked at your pic and Lady you already are a badass! You look beautiful!

First time, I took my beanie off in Target because I as too hot. I never really wanted to wear a wig, but I have 2.  When I finally did start going out bald all the time, I just pretended I was a badass, lol. Looking at bald pics on interest helped for inspiration. My hair has regrown for the most part, but frankly I ended up loving the bald look more than anything!

For reference: My alopecia started a year ago and I have universalis. I shaved my head 3 months ago.

I went to get my oil changed the first time. I actually went out the same day I shaved my head because I felt really really happy that I liked the shape of my head. I dressed up for the day (as it was an errand I needed to do before I met up with family later) and took a nice picture of myself I posted on my Facebook. 

The people at the auto shop showed me a lot of respect... maybe because I was able to act confident (even though my heart was beating outside of my chest). 

Common responses when going out bald:

1. people show you respect (they know that you've been through an intense experience and you are strong... whether that be from cancer, alopecia, or just choosing to shave your head, among other reasons for baldness.)

2. people will look at you (A LOT) and you will notice people staring at you from afar when you turn around in a room. The key with people who (in my opinion--rudely) stare, you just have to remember that they are primarily curious. They probably are thinking- I wonder why she is bald? rather than OH MY SHE LOOKS SO UNATTRACTIVE, which is what I used to think until I realized that was just an irrational fear.

3. People will ask you why you shaved your head, will ask you if you have cancer and are going through chemo, or my least favorite--"are you a survivor?". These questions bothered me at first, but now they do less so. You should answer with whatever feels comfortable, whether that be "I don't feel like discussing that," "i have an autoimmune hairless condition called alopecia" or what I like to do If I don't know the person, is just to say that I just wanted to shave my head. This is because no one knows about alopecia and I don't like re-answering the same questions over and over again. If that person gets to know me better and we become friends, I will happily tell them I have alopecia and tell them about it.

So, that's pretty much been my experience going out bald. It's freeing now. Today was in fact the first time I went out feeling as calm and naturally confident as when I go out with a wig or when I had my natural hair growing. It takes time, so allow yourself time to adjust! It's really rewarding to go out bald in the sun and not feel so hot with a hair/wig/hat on! :) 

I was so glad to read this. I've had alopecia since I was two years old but lost 90% of my hair just over a year ago. I tried everything and nothing worked so two months ago I decided to stop and just accept it. I now feel most comfortable wearing nothing at all but I haven't had the courage to go out in public yet. I wear scarves everywhere except the office. I wear a wig to work. Lately I've been thinking of just being myself and not wear anything. Frankly, I barely recognize myself with the wig. I honestly hate wearing it. I'm happier with nothing. Maybe I'll follow your lead, bite the bullet and just be me. Thanks so much for sharing.

Hm I have never gone hat less or wig less in public...from the time I was 8 to 17years old I always wore a hat and then I started wearing the wigs (although i did wear a wig for the first time when i was 11 yrs old for maybe 3-6mths), i don't have a flat head and had a lot of scars on my scalp so i'm pretty nervous walking outside bald (unless it's in my backyard). I never wear my wig at home unless i have a house guest who doesn't know of my AU.



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